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  • Sakura's Master Plan!~Oh My Love~
    24.7K 452 6

  • Ange (girlxgirl)
    167K 5.1K 54

    Until one morning, Ange was avoiding school and struggling, but after striking a deal with her step mother, she returns to school on a regular basis and meets her new teacher, Miss Winnett, and Ange realises that maybe school isn't that bad after all.

  • I Don't Like Your Girlfriend.
    20.6K 609 5

    How will rainbow dash take it when she finds out that rarity is abusing her girl friend and rainbow's long time crush? Will Fluttershy seek help of her best friend??

  • Wonderful Love
    10.2K 189 6

    Total Flutterdash alert! Any offened by this, just don't read.

  • HERO
    4.8K 116 2

  • Llamas and Shooting stars (Mabifica)
    1.5K 37 7

    6 years later, Mabel and Dipper come back to Gravity Falls for another summer. While Dipper spends his time finding more anomalies and meeting up with a mysterious someone, Mabel spends her time rediscovering the town and meeting a new Pacifica, who has some dark secrets to share... This contains some Gayness and if y...

  • Great To Be Back ( a mabifica fanfic)
    17.8K 324 12

    When Mabel and Dipper go back to Gravity Falls for good, Mabel starts to fell strange feelings for a specific enemy.Meanwhile Dipper starts falling for a certain dream demon.