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  • Underneath (Adommy)
    5.4K 226 6

    What will happen when Adam Lambert takes a break from touring, recording, performing, and writing songs? Will he be able to keep the secret he was trying so hard to keep underneath hidden or will he confess his love for Tommy? Written by Glitterbaby2016 and Writer_babe **All Rights Reserved** ©2016

  • Always there for you
    9K 364 10

    After Tommy's girlfriend Liz broke up with him, Tommy is devastated and life makes no sense to him anymore. His boss and best friend Adam tries to comfort him. Soon, Tommy isn't sure, whether Adam is really just a friend...

  • || Psychologically Disturbed || Adommy
    5.6K 431 15

    Tommy Joe Ratliff has been living in a mental hospital for three years now. He hardly felt anything anymore. He felt numbness; he was almost robotic. Everything was routine. What happens when someone changes everything he's come to know? **completed** **13.76k words** (Not including Author's Notes)

    Completed   Mature
  • FAST AND GENTLE~ (Adommy version of FNF)~
    6.7K 216 15

    Thomas Joseph Ratliff is a policeman.He has a sister and brother.He lost his dad and mom.He is so busy from his job,and he doesn't have the time to live a normal life and to have a lover.But when he goes undercover......Everything changes. . . . . Adam Lambert is a gangstar.He is the most dangerous gangster in LA.His...