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  • Deprived
    123K 10.3K 25

    Pale, inhumanly fast, unparalleled reflexes and even better senses, Vampires were well known in the supernatural worlds as they took their place amongst the Apex predators. Though most of them were sophisticated creatures, identified by whom and what they fed on, there were some rather unique individuals considered as...

  • Tomorrow's Visitor
    19.8K 1.3K 1

    Tomorrow liked solitude. Then a naked lunatic arrived and demanded pants. Things went downhill from there.

  • Kickflip (bxb) ✓
    31K 2.9K 22

    Sixteen-year-old Matteo is a simple dude. He would rather spend the summer of 2003 filming his skateboard video than worrying about his best friend Logan's obsession with gay jokes. When cute emo boy Quinn applies to work at the skate shop with Matt, life gets more complicated. Being friends with clever, flirty Quinn...