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  • Until I Make You Mine (Superarrow/Kariver)
    7.1K 152 8

    Kara, Oliver and Barry all live in the same universe and none of them have superpowers. They all live in Star City. Kara and Barry were best friends since the first grade. They met Oliver in high school. After that they were all really close friends. But Oliver lost touch with them after college as his father had him...

  • The Gag Reel Records (Companion to The Unmatched Records)
    7.4K 213 7

    Basically exactly what the title says: the gag reel that goes on behind the scenes of my series "The Unmatched Records." Companion piece to The Unmatched Records. *** I do not own Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, or DC's Legends of Tomorrow. They are owned by DC Comics and the CW. Cover made by @-dhampirroza

  • All the wrong reasons
    980 36 2

    I have way too many stories that I haven't finished but I've been wanting to do a Superarrow high school au for a while now so this is my attempt at it.

  • Selbstlose Liebe (An Arrowverse Divergent AU)☺
    667 32 3

    Kara and Oliver had always had an eye for each other but their factions would never allow them to even attempt to talk to each other. Kara was an Amity while Oliver was a Candor. How could their paths ever cross? I don't own any of the characters in this story

  • Goodbye
    39.9K 1.1K 145

    All good things must come to an End

  • Seeing Green Episode IV: Close Encounters
    1.7K 98 16

    Kara is pregnant and just when she needs to take it easy, she's in trouble again. Only this time, the stakes are higher than ever. This story was written with help from That sexy ass waffle. It is tied closely with her story: Chec...

  • FlashCanary/ScarletCanary One-Shots
    3.4K 39 7

    Short stories for Barry and Sara how are they going to end up together (AND SOMETIMES) with a little Kariver but 90% ScarletCanary

  • Iron, Steel, and Speed: The Reboots
    183 7 2

    Melinda Katie Lennon Leah Olivia Caity God help whoever is around when they join together...

  • A real Kariver book
    2.1K 63 6

    What will happen if Kara and Oliver will be trapped by the Mind controller (100% Inspiration i know) He trapped them in real life where they names aren't Kara and Oliver their names are Stephen Amell and Melissa benoist ? ***First chapter comes at 2 April *** where Barry appears too

  • Blades & Blood
    6K 323 41

    You don't mess with the Kings, you especially don't mess with their queens... or rather... queen

  • Kariver One-Shots
    18.4K 328 77

    This book, This book is my first book of all, The start one, the one that's not very good, at least the first 40 chapters I think :), anyways I hope you're going to enjoy seeing how my writing skills evolved. - Love ya

  • A Multi-verse of Oneshots
    655 17 3

    Arrow Flash Supergirl Legends {Not accepting requests yet}

  • Family
    46.4K 1.2K 159

    [Book four to the IRL The Unmatched Records series] Family can mean many things, it could be the people who raised you from birth or it could be the people who took you in in the middle of your life, or it could just be the people that came into your life and never seemed to leave...

  • Wars and Roses
    9.7K 278 7

    Kara is human. Barry is human. They all live on one earth. Oliver is Mayor and The Green Arrow- Kara and Barry know. Barry is married to Iris and Kara is engaged to Mon el. Kara and Barry are soldiers and they are finally coming home. Barry and Kara have an amazing friendship, Iris was worried at first and, not so s...

  • Watching One Call Away
    9.8K 313 15

    This is were the characters of @writersblock039 story watch her first unmatched records book One Call Away. all rights go to @writersblock039

  • An unique Xmas party
    1.8K 66 2

    Oliver and Thea have a Christmas party that no one were ready for. 2 chapter story - Kariver and White Flash pairing. T rated, but still... M just for safety

    Completed   Mature
  • The Records
    72.3K 2.2K 83

    (A sort of companion novel for @Writersblock039's unmatched records) Ranked #2 in MelissaBenoist and StephenAmell [11/24/18]

  • The Unmatched
    42.6K 1.2K 73

    [The Second book in @WritersBlock039's Unmatched Records real world books]

  • Roles Reversed
    843 42 5

    On Earth 1, Oliver Queen is publicly know as Mayor of Star City and a rich ex-playboy who disappeared for 5 years. His alias is the Green Arrow, the hero and savior of Star City. On, Earth 38 Kara Danvers... or Kara Zor-El is a reporter at CatCo but in secret she is Supergirl, hero of National City. On Earths 1189 an...

  • Green Captain, Red Daughter
    8.7K 338 13

    Oliver knew the Bratva would help him on his mission. When Anatoly helped him initiate into the Russian mob, he didn't expect to find someone who would bring him home. No one could expect Ekaterina Karlova, the secret weapon of the Solntsevskaya Bratva. A superpowered alien adopted by a Former KGB officer. While thei...

  • Opposing Forces - SuperArrow One-Shot
    672 21 1

    A short one-shot of a conversation between Oliver and Kara post-mission if they were to have a crossover. Oliver confides in Kara about how she reminds him of someone from his past, connecting the opposing forces of one self. A ridiculous, but sweet, banter between the two follow.

  • the arrow universe watching the Scarlet Canary
    5.8K 51 5

    Sara screws up with the timeline and her and Barry are together

  • Lost Without You
    983 29 4

    I didn't mean to do it... It wasn't it can't be I loved him....for over 2 years !!! .... Kara is trying to get over killing her boyfriend...Oliver Queen *(Story takes place after 3 years after Oliver gets out of 6 months in prison and after Kara is heartbroken about Mon-el getting married)* Slightly M rated a...

  • Watching Won't Let You Down
    16.3K 444 28

    This is an AU where the arrowverse characters watch @writersblock039 story Won't Let You Down

  • Stronger Together
    11.5K 284 10

    Oliver Queen x Kara Danvers She's Broken He's Hurting But, they're both STRONGER TOGETHER Join the two lovers fighting for their love __________________________________________ "Kara , You were gone and I thought worse about your situation and" Oliver took a deep breath "I think it's best if we end it. And at that...

  • Crisis on Earth X
    26.8K 588 15

    My version of the upcoming DCTV crossover. Alex is in pain and Kara feels they they need a break from their universe, so Iris and Barry's wedding is the perfect excuse for that. They have a few surprises on the way and everything seems wonderful but when a group of nazi villains from another universe makes an unexpect...

  • The Emerald Steel and Scarlet Canary Archives
    15.3K 394 9

    A collection of one-shots (or possibly multiple-shots) from prompts suggested by readers for two ships none of us Arrowverse watchers knew we needed - Kariver/Emerald Steel and WhiteFlash/Scarlet Canary. Now taking prompts for DarkSiren, DeathSiren, and Danson. *** I do not own Oliver Queen, Kara Danvers, Barry Allen...

  • Nothing I Wouldn't Do For You (Book Five of The Unmatched Records)
    147K 3.8K 37

    "There is nothing I wouldn't do for you." ~ Oliver Queen, "Wake Up" The wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West has gathered guests from all over the multiverse, including members of Team Arrow, the Legends, and Team Supergirl. Everyone has gathered for a happy celebration. But the festivities are interrupted by guests n...

  • The Cadmus Alliance (Legends of Superflarrow) ~ START DATE TBD
    9.1K 238 3

    The first time Team Arrow saw their new ally Kara Danvers, she was invincible. The next time they see her, it's when Central City calls them for an emergency and they find Kara bleeding out on Caitlin's table with her cousin and a Green Martian standing over her. It's only when the Legends get Team Flash's urgent call...

  • The Emerald-Steel Collection
    98.2K 2.2K 71

    A collection of one shots and prompts about the ship many people had no idea they needed: SuperArrow. (multiple ratings from K to M)