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  • Percy Jackson The New God (Old Version,)
    435K 10.1K 50

    Annabeth leaves Percy for another guy. When the gods once again offer him immortality, Percy Accepts. what will happen? Read to find out. Obviously I'm not Rick Riordan so I only own my ocs and the plot. Note, This is the old version of this story and it was the first story I ever completed, I am currently rewriting...

  • The New God (Percy Jackson The New God Rewrite)
    9.1K 315 10

    Percy Jackson's Summer at Camp Half-Blood was going just fine until the day he planned to propose to his girlfriend of five years, Annabeth Chase. Instead of it being one of the best nights of his life, that night turned into something from one of his worst nightmares. Before Percy even got the chance to pop the que...

  • The Son of Time
    175K 4.2K 65

    This is the sequel to my other story Percy Jackson the new god, I suggest you read that first so this will make more sense. Twelve years have passed since Annabeth left Percy, and he chose to become a god. Now Percy's demigod son will soon be arriving at camp half blood as a new war is brewing. What will happen? how w...

  • The Sky's Revenge
    20.5K 467 18

    The Third book in my fanfiction series. The first book is called Percy Jackson the New God. The second book is called The Son of Time. If you haven't already read those before reading this. I suggest you read them first. Five years after the war against Tartarus, the gods and demigods might just be facing the h...

  • The New God Trilogy Shorts and One Shots.
    20K 275 64

    Short scenes that weren't included in my books Percy Jackson The New God, The son of Time, and The Sky's Revenge. They are In chronological order of when they take place.