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  • star-crossed
    13.6K 1.5K 37

    A story about two individuals with love for the other so strong it's impossible to define using words alone. Unfortunately, circumstances prohibit their expressions of love and they must hide their true feelings until they're alone. Their fate was written in the stars. They were fated to meet each other. They were fat...

  • Roommates? || Dylmas
    44.6K 2.3K 28

    dylan convinces himself that he's straight until he goes to college and meets his roommate thomas boyxboy

  • Newtmas Texts
    19.7K 1.2K 37

    Basically what the title says

  • You're not alone // Newtmas (COMPLETED)
    43.8K 2.1K 30

    *When a 17 year old boy bumps into a British Blonde from escaping his abusive father, Let's just say things get cute...and Complicated* Thomas ~ A 17 year old boy, His family don't accept him being gay and his father tends to Abuse him whenever he brings it up. Due to his family he doesn't make friends at school and f...

  • Unread Messages 2
    8.1K 692 25

    Newt: I miss you Newt: please I love Tommy SEQUEL TO UNREAD MESSAGES.

  • Misophonia - A newtmas AU
    11.2K 551 29

    @trendy.thomas - gorgeous xx @bloody_newt - thank you stranger xx ~ Just another social media book for a beautiful ship

  • It's A Struggle Being Smart
    43.1K 2.1K 12

    Newtmas High School AU fic.

  • they were right - dylmas
    21.6K 1.1K 16

    [completed] thomas begins to develop new feelings for dylan during the death cure press tour. he's unsure about dylan's feelings and is afraid to confront him.

  • Unread Messages
    20.3K 1.1K 21

    Thomas: answer me please.....? Thomas: are you still there......?

  • Instagram
    87.4K 5.2K 76

    ~ @dylanobrien is now following you~ What Happens When A Fan Of Dylan O' Brien Named Thomas Gets Finally Noticed By Dylan? Cover made by @rampaigerqueen

  • Bully - part one
    15.3K 499 18

    {COMPLETED} Newt is getting bullied by a boy who's name is Thomas, but once they get to know each other, their feelings for each other change. Thomas and Newt both have bad lives but maybe they can be made better....

  • his boy // newtmas & dylmas // editing
    21.2K 691 28

    { BEING EDITED } They love each other. He's his boy, after all, and will be forever and always. A collection of one shots written by yours truly, all about our favourite boys, Dylan O'Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster (+ their characters, Newt and Thomas :) )! Enjoy, lovelies!

  • Dylmas & Newtmas // One Shots
    222K 6.6K 35

    This book is a collection of one shorts about Newt and Thomas (Newtmas) from the Maze Runner Series and occasionally about Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Dylan O'Brien (Dylmas) who are playing Newt and Thomas in the Maze Runner. If you like those one shots be sure to check out my Newtmas ("Until The Flares Do US Part" and...

  • 50 Shades Of Newtmas
    25.1K 703 8

    "Newt took me to this dark, empty shack. I was so confused and slightly frightened from the strength that he was holding me at. He pushed my back against the wall and gave me a slightly intimidating yet oddly satisfying look which relaxed me..."

    Completed   Mature
  • Maze runner gifs
    347K 12.7K 200

    {highest ranking, #2 in TMR} Just a bunch of imagines and maze runner gifs. I suck at descriptions, just read it slinthead....please? (Btw I take requests just let me know, okay? Thanks babes.) (Oh, also, I'm currently working on making it gender-neutral. Just so y'all know.)

    486K 10.3K 41

    NEWT MINHO THOMAS GALLY ALBY (occasionally) This is pretty much just a big collection of fluffy imagines

  • Maze runner preferences
    28.9K 1.1K 49

    This will contain preferences from our glade bois, including Newt, Thomas, Minho, Frypan, Gally and Winston. If requested I can add or remove characters

  • Mine (The Maze Runner Minho Fanfic)
    42K 1K 79

    This book includes: The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure. Highest Rankings (2018-2019): #1 - dashnerarmy #1 - thescorch #1 - gally #2 - jamesdashner #2 - tst #2 - cranks #4 - theglade #4 - grievers #4 - tmrfanfic #6 - brenda #7 - frypan #9 - tdc #9 - teresa #9 - kihonglee "Wicked is good." Her voice s...

  • ✔ Shuck You
    262K 5.8K 62

    Oneshots, imagines, preferences Doing Thomas Newt Gally Minho

  • TEXT ME || Dylmas
    422K 26.6K 122

    dylie-dallie is typing This is the start of our love story.

  • Newtmas one shots
    35.5K 1.1K 24

    Different story's. Same boys. I take requests❤️

  • Glade imagines, Smuts And Preferences
    136K 1.5K 15

    This is a maze runner book. I will be taking requests on any glade member (smut or fluff or both) but the first few ones are just going to be my ideas hope you like it :D sorry if it sucks because this is my first time writing fan fiction :)

  • The Maze Runner Preferences
    387K 10.2K 41

    Preferences and One-Shots I take requests! I'll do Newt, Thomas, Minho, Gally and Chuck every now and then. Lemme know if you want me do do someone else, good that? ⚠️I don't own The Maze Runner or any of the characters, they all belong to James Dashner⚠️

  • Maze Runner Imagines
    49.5K 1.4K 115

    I will take any suggestions for plot, character choice, location, type (smut or fluff), etc. Just leave a comment and let me know what you guys want!

  • Thomas Sangster/ Newt Imagines& GIFs
    71.7K 1.3K 203

    FLUFF👏 SMUT👏 FLUFF👏 SMUT👏 FLUFF 👏 SMUT 👏 AND👏 MORE👏👏 Imagines& Pictures& GIFs with Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Newt and Jojen Reed etc. Credit: Tumblr Love, Gabi xx

  • Within The Maze Walls
    27.3K 1.2K 14

    What happened in the Maze between Thomas and Minho. (AU)

    Completed   Mature
  • Shuck it [ minho fanfiction ; the maze runner ]
    295K 8.3K 28

    Collection of fan fiction ; one shots and short stories centered around Minho from: The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, & The Death Cure. -Scenes and settings will vary. -Storyline does not necessarily follow the official book's. -Characters stay more or less the same. << ongoing >> [PG13] ig || @kihongl...

  • ~Please Don't Leave Me~ ( a Minho/TMR fanfiction)
    129K 4.2K 23

    Minho is the Keeper of the Runners. Nicci is the newbie with a dark past. This time everything is different. She's a girl. She's been trained. She remembers more than anyone else. And she has a secret, locked away deep inside. How long can she hide it? Will the Gladers ever be free? Are things finally changing? I...

  • MiNewt/MiNe
    5.6K 211 9

    If you throw 24 boys in an enclosed area with raging hormones, how could you expect everyone to be straight? (MiNe/MiNewt)

    360K 8.3K 103

    "Why didn't you run?" "You still haven't fucked me yet." jfc these imagines are horrible i am v sorry but i deleted most of the chapters bc most of them sucked