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  • Harry Potter and the Wondrous Blood Ri
    112K 2.9K 37

    One day after Harry's return to the Dursleys home and he is a wreck. He has suffered another beating at the hand of his Uncle Vernon. But what bothers him is everything that happened in the maze after the Triwizard Tournament. Voldemort returned, using his blood. His Godfather had tried to rescue him, but was kill...

  • Girls Like Girls » Jane Volturi
    411K 12K 33

    Aurora Lindon likes girls. The problem was, she was the only out girl in Forks, and she wasn't exactly accepted by her foster parents. When she gets the chance to go to Italy with her friend Bella to save Edward Cullen, she finds herself feeling more alive than ever Asexual Homoromantic Character x Jane Volturi EDITED!

  • Huntress (Carlisle Cullen)
    397K 8.8K 81

    huntress /ˈhʌntrəs/ noun noun: huntress; plural noun: huntresses a woman who hunts. "Artemis, goddess of the moon, a virgin and a huntress" I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT OR TVD/TO THEY BOTH BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE AUTHORS! I ONLY OWN KARA AND HER WORDS. WELL BE EDITED AFTER THE STORY IS COMPLETE!!!!!

  • Caged Bird [T'Challa]
    250K 7K 29

    "I will not hold you in a cage. You are free here." -T'Challa "It's for your own protection! I'm doing this to keep you safe! Don't you understand, that if you're allowed to wander free...they could kill you!" - Tony Stark "Someone as pure as you should never be locked away."- Okoye "You love her! Oh, don't worry. I a...

  • Book Four: Solitude (A. Saltzman)
    24.1K 2.5K 54

    Everything is in transition following the events of Ineffable. Diana must learn to cope with two newborn babies and her grief over the loss of her husband, Alaric. Elena must adjust to becoming a vampire. And everyone has to cope with the chaos Alaric created when he outed the vampires and their supporters to the Myst...

  • Lovemore
    187K 5.7K 50

    Isabella Maria Swan is eighteen years old and she is very unique. Her father Charlie Swan, often called Chief, is a werewolf. Her mother Renee Swan is a vampire. What happens when they have a kid, which shouldn't even be possible, and they get a mix between werewolf and vampire. They have the first ancient hybrid, she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unlikely Love (Bella & Rose)
    240K 6.3K 38

    Isabella Swan, or what she likes to go by Bella, is the Chiefs daughter. Kids don't really know her from school because she doesn't fit in and no one notices her. Some people think she is actually a guy when they see her because she doesn't let anybody see her in anything tight fitting, it's always baggy clothes. Ros...

    Completed   Mature
  • • M A G I C • Jasper Hale
    62.3K 1.6K 32

    Magnolia Siren, descended from the great vampire hunters of old; sorcerers. Killing vampires is in her blood, yet she became friends with them. A normal girl from the small town of Forks, Washington, with a seemingly normal life and a seemingly normal family, goes on the adventure of a lifetime when her friends lives...

  • Dark & Light's 2nd Chance
    41.2K 1.4K 10

    Both Harri and Voldy get a second chance at their fate. Not all is as it seems though. Fem!Harry

  • Book One: When We Collide (Iron Fire Series)
    79.6K 3.8K 46

    Spencer Winchester is a hunter much like her brothers and father. And she loves it. But when she meets Tony Stark, the genius, playboy, philanthropist turns her world upside down in the best and worst ways possible.

  • Catherine (J. Black)
    718K 18K 42

    Catherine Hale thought she was happily married to Edward. But the involvement by a human forces them apart. Forces her to leave her family behind. Returning for the marriage of her ex-husband and his new fiancee Catherine finds herself tangled with a wolf.

  • Fire & Ice (E. Cullen)
    98.6K 4.1K 13

    After the assassination of her entire family, Daenerys is sent to live with the last living relative she has, Sam Uley. But whilst at school she meets Edward. A man with just as many secrets as she does.

  • Lost and Found-1
    105K 3.1K 103

    Becoming the fastest man alive has opened so many doors for me but the one it couldn't was something I needed to slow down for. I met her by chance but everyday since I've been mesmerized by her wit and charm. We're both come from dark beginnings but we have slowly begun to move closer to the light. Only thing that is...

  • Agent Raven of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    5.5K 277 36

    It's time for Agent Raven to play with the big boys. She has to start at the bottom of the list, but as time goes on, she works her way through the ranks, and earns her spot at SHIELD. I don't own Marvel. Previous books in the Avengers Gen 2 series: -Sergeant Barnes: The Last Mission -Black Panther: Rise of the Princ...

  • Sergeant Barnes: The Last Mission
    7.1K 701 74

    The Avengers may have emerged victorious from the Infinity War, but not everyone lived to see it. Bucky Barnes lost his best friend, Steve Rogers, the only person who ever managed to break through to him while he was under HYDRA's control. HYDRA is rising again, though, and Captain America isn't alive to stop them. It...

  • Marvel's Ghost Rider: A Peter Parker Love Story
    682 17 3

    Isabella Winchester has been best friends with Peter Parker since they were babies. Their parents were close before Peter's died but they were also close with Peter's Aunt and Uncle. Isabella's father is a drunk, a gambler, and a wife beater. More times than not you could find her father placing bets at the racetrack...

  • My Diamond ❤
    15.9K 408 21

    In any aspect of her life, Charlotte Spencer never thought that she would live as a nurse in the very small town of Forks, Washington. She never thought she would meet her mate that she had never thought she would find. She never would have guessed that it was a very hot blonde looking doctor who was also a vampire. S...

    Completed   Mature
  • Betrayed..
    162K 2.2K 30

    Ash wins his 6th league in a row. (Considering that Alola doesn't exist.) Which meant that Ash won every league. He and his Kalos gang goes back, only to get a nasty surprise....

  • Deadland's Harvest (part 2 of the Deadland Saga)
    1.3M 49.4K 33

    The seven deadly sins with a shambling twist. It has been one hundred days since the zombies claimed the world. Cash, along with forty-two survivors, have found safety in the secluded and well-guarded Fox National Park. The leaves are changing colors, a beautiful, brutal reminder that winter is coming. As the survivo...

  • Sky Of Wings
    26.6K 1K 15

    Every 5 years 20 people are picked each from the four Kingdoms to become a Dragon Rider or Griffin Rider, and 30 people each for a Magic User. But what if you could be both? It's the day before the Rider Picking and a 15 year old Amira wants to be something more than just a farmer to tend to her family's small f...

  • ❅ Snow Princess ❅ (A Legolas Love Story)
    238K 6.9K 30

    Aurora, a young elleth, had always dreamt of exploring the outside world and seeing all of its beauty with her very own eyes. But her mother, the Queen, had restricted Aurora from going anywhere outside of the ice kingdom. What happens when a certain fellowship visits the Queen to seek help on an oncoming war? Are A...

  • Mother of Flames (C. Rutherford - DA:I)
    9.5K 466 23

    When Daenerys attended the Conclave, she, along with all the other rebel mages, was hoping for peace to be brokered, what she didn't expect for the Temple of Sacred Ashes to be destroyed in a horrifying explosion that killed all in attending, except for her. She wakes in chains accused of mass genocide and blamed for...

  • Tryst with Destiny: The End of the Beginning
    44K 2.9K 34

    The continuation of my book "Tryst with Destiny: The Beginning of the End" If you have already read it then you don't need an introduction. If you haven't you know which story you must read first. Go to my profile and find the book by its title. This is the conclusion of the saga. This is where the past, the present...

  • Imprints( Paul Lahote)
    196K 4K 49

    Anna is a young woman, best friend of Isabella Swan. A little while ago, before she and Bella move to forks, her parents were killed in a car crash, which left her and her twin completely heartbroken.Then, she decides to move to Washington to live with her aunt, her father's sister. Anna has a dark past, filled with...

  • A second chance.
    61.6K 1.7K 37

    Perseus Jackson had won. Won against thirteen Gods in a fight to the death in the Olympian throne room. He spilled the ichor of many, many immortals, slaughtered hundreds of demigods, Roman and Greek, and destroyed anything standing in his way to victory. He claimed his place as the King of the world, with his beauti...

  • Percy Jackson, The Heir of Slytherin
    488K 12.2K 44

    Perseus Jackson, or, Percy Jackson. The name most monsters and demigods have heard of. The two time savior of Olympus, the destroyer of Kronos, and many other heroic deeds. But what if Percy was a child of Poseidon.... and the grandson of Lord Voldemort? One day, Percy gets summoned home from Camp Half Blood and his...

  • Pokemon: Alpha and Omega
    269K 7.3K 85

    Ash returns home after his time in the Alola region to find none other than Serena waiting for him. Serena tells Ash about the Torrent Region, a region known as one the toughest just to get into the Pokemon League. Join Ash and Serena as they travel through a new region together as their relationship grows stronger. A...

  • Bella Bear
    100K 2.9K 23

    Bella is a vampire and moves to Forks with her two coven mates. Not long after being in Forks she finds something she wasn't looking for and something that she lost when she was human. All Vampires. Two non-canon pairings, but rest normal. Also there will be OOCs and OCs through out staring Ch. 14.

  • Slaying Twilight
    10.7K 481 21

    Bella Swan works for the Volturi and makes an substantial amount of money doing so. What does she do for them? The answer: kills vampires that break their rules. Is she human? Yes! How will bella get involved in the cullen's life? Read and find out. This is the first book in the Slaying Series.

    Completed   Mature
  • Slaying New Moon
    674 55 10

    This is the second book in the series and comes after the first book 'Slaying Twilight'. Bella becomes devastated when Edward leaves her, she sinks into a depression. Jacob watches over her, until he becomes one of the pack. She confronts Sam and ends up fighting Paul, she shifts into wolf form. She locates Edward in...