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  • A Thousand Years [COMPLETE]
    8.4K 689 10

    Adam James Carter is a millionaire. A shrewd businessman whom life has taught some cruel lessons. A master of his own destiny. His world revolves around his family and business. There's no place for any other person in his life. According to him love is crap. An emotion which leaves you with nothing you can hold on...

  • Between Us | Complete ✔
    20.8K 1.9K 26

    What was it that was between us? Was it attraction? Was it a complication? Or was it just a fallacy?

  • Afloat [Complete]
    9.9K 1.2K 10

    Waniya Moeez and Ahmer Ahsan have had the love story everyone terms as goals. Nothing has ever been difficult for them in this love. But when they thought they have had it all, a storm breaks through ensuing chaos everywhere. The hands are slipped away in such a away that everything's sunk but still it is afloat. The...

  • Aangan {Complete} | ✔
    1.5K 50 3

    A short fiction based on characters from Khadija Mastoor's novel of the same name

  • Unrequited - One Shots
    352 44 2

    "Togetherness is a beautiful place to be, but it's not meant for us for you or for me." The most exquisite form of self destruction, is falling madly in love with something that can never be. A compilation of three short stories, about the most painful kind of love. Unrequited.

  • Faded [Complete]
    59.8K 4.3K 28

    Shehryar Hussain's had it all. A self made man running one of the famous business empires all himself. Failure is not known to him. But one encounter from someone from his past and nothing's same anymore. How can it be? When it's his long lost wife asking for nothing but a divorce. Reached 221 in Romance

  • Together Ever After ~ An Asfiya Fanfic (Complete)
    11.3K 486 12

    A series of short fanfictions based on the 'Yakeen Ka Safar' duo, Asfandyar and Zubiya

  • A Drop Of Petrichor [Complete]
    99.5K 10.1K 47

    Sometimes all the parched valley of heart needs is a drop of Petrichor. Noor Fatimah hasn't had it easy but still she faces every obstacle in her life with a smile on her face and a firm faith in her heart. When circumstances shake the very base of her being , she comes across the worst nightmare of her life. But in a...

  • Heart Attracted [Complete]
    58.1K 4.4K 13

    Haniya Khan is a strong willed girl whom her circumstances have taught so much. She has closed her heart after facing rejection and Humiliation by her fiance Ali and is willing to never open it again but Destiny has its own strange ways of giving you your happy ever after and without her noticing it has sent Aliyan Az...

  • "Khirkiyaan"
    104 16 1

    thought process of a girl who have dealt with a haunting past, had this in mind since so long, go and read💛 :)

  • You're My Home | Complete ✔
    19.8K 2K 25

    "You can fight the world for your love. But can you fight yourself?" Armaan Yasir is a man with a voice. A musician by profession, and a softie by heart. He never backs out from expressing his opinions. Strong willed, carefree and charming. The only thing holding him back? A turbulent past. Things take a turn when he...