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  • Love, I'll Take You to Neverland *Larry Stylinson* *Kitten!Harry* Hybrid
    22.5K 1.1K 30

    If you're born as a hybrid, almost human but with cat ears, you are sold at the age of five to eighteen as a pet to a rich family or a lonely old man or women. The 'pets' are treated with so little respect that some have to eat and drink from a bowl, wear a leash when they are outside with their owner. But that's the...

  • Oak St James
    155K 2.6K 17

  • Lost and Insecure (Larry Stylinson AU)
    452K 16.9K 21

    Harry Styles was just a sixteen year old boy afraid to leave his bedroom. That's normal, right? Except it's not. Harry suffers from Schizophrenia. His Mum had been told by doctors, when he was only seven years old, that he was 'sick in the mind'. Schizophrenia: A of a group of psychotic disorders usually characterized...

  • Worthless - Larry Stylinson fanfic
    1.7M 63.1K 29

    *TRIGGER WARNING! Self-harm, eating disorder (not really but kind of) suicidal thoughts and possible major character death. If you can't handle this then back off and drink a cup of tea. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS WARNING!!!* Maybe if we all thought for a moment before we started saying mean things and calling people w...

  • Then, One Day (Temporary Hold)
    5.2K 114 7

    It all started with X Factor for the boys of One Direction. That's where everything started for the lads. For Harry though, it all started with "Good luck to you Curly!" He couldn't get it out of his head from the minute that the lad came running out of the audition building doing cartwheels to his daily life. The lad...

  • Around My Heart In 80 Days.
    20.2K 380 11

    Harry styles is the schools smart, nice, flirty, gay. Louis Tomlinson on the other hand is the schools sly, cocky, bully. When both boys cross each others paths things aren't all rainbows and butterflies. Harry has tried to help Louis but Louis won't open up. Will Louis ever reveal his secret to Harry? When a school t...

  • Over Again (Larry Stylinson AU)
    859K 31.4K 26

    Louis Tomlinson isn't your averaged 19-year old boy. He hears voices. He talks to himself. He is trapped in his own little word. Soon, the voices start telling him to do bad things. Just burn your hand, it won't hurt. Just slit your wrists, don't you like blood? Maybe you should take a few extra pills. The voices were...

  • The Only One » l.s. short story
    26.8K 621 1

    Can a simple observation from a fan change Harry and Louis' friendship forever?

    Completed   Mature
  • Recover (Larry Stylinson AU)
    274K 4.6K 19

    Harry is suffering, and he wants to get better. Deciding he needs outside help, he secretly starts visiting a therapist. Note: This is poorly edited. It will be thoroughly looked over by us once it's finished, so we apologize for any errors.

  • Uncovered {Larry Stylinson}-AU
    127K 3.2K 21

    Louis was never one for dark and dangerous. To reserved. To concealed. Cautious. He was one for treading carefully. He was a University student. So young. Fresh. Naive. Untouched by man. He was to innocent. And for one man the temptation was a little too much. He had everything any man would wish for. The looks. The w...

  • D.A.S.T
    180K 2.8K 11

    AU The Dog and Armed Swat Team unite to bust open one of the most active and dangerous terrorism rings in Britain. When Louis gets wounded during a bust, Harry and their team have to race against time to find out if they have a rogue cop amongst them. Please note that chapter 9 (Ambush) contains mature scenes and has...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Just A Slut
    1.2M 34.4K 28

    Harry's got a reputation for being a player. A 'slut'. A slob who gets his kit off in front of webcams then dates any co-stars he has in one of his upcoming movies. But when he goes home? He just wants his boyfriend. - An AU in which, 23 year old Harry styles is an Adult film star who also plays 'Christian Grey' In th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Helpless (( Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction ))
    1.4M 34.9K 24

    Louis Tomlinson of the famous British-Irish boy band, One Direction, has become corrupted and rather depressed. Everyone assumed it was because of his and Eleanor's break up, but it's been almost 9 months now and things are not looking up for the eldest band member. When Simon Cowell forces Harry Styles to move back...

  • I wanna save you (A Larry Stylinson fan-fic Student/Teacher)
    77.7K 1.6K 37

    Harry styles never knew what it was like to be scared every time you walked out your house well that was until he moved schools and became the new target of bullies Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. He thought It was going to be like this all his life from then on. He never thought his hero would be the new teac...