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  • Rocket Fuel
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    Barring global societal collapse, an anthology of competition entries for 2019's Smackdown should be growing here. Each story is based on a set of prompts by @LayethTheSmackDown Tuck in for a serving of space, tragedy, and possibly robots.

  • Back To Our Roots
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    What is a space farmer to do when he grows a good brew that he knows will sell high at the court of his lost love? Pretend you're not going for her, and go anyway...right after you take care of those pesky pirates trying to steal your ship! Qualifying entry for the 2019 Back To Our Roots contest by @LayethTheSmackDown

  • SmackDown: Back to Our Roots
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    Our previous two SmackDowns were both massive successes, and it's high time for another. You might remember the last one was heavy on the "game" elements, maybe even too heavy. This time we're going back to the basics and keeping it simple. It's just a motherfuckin' sci-fi SmackDown: a heated writing contest where con...

  • Back To Our Roots
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    This is my entry for the qualifying round of "Back To Our Roots"

  • Back to Our Roots
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    A submission or two for the 2019 Science Fiction Smackdown. Expect to see some prompted science fiction shorts!