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  • Destined
    648K 15.4K 33

    Elizabeth Swan, twin sister of the vampire loving Bella Swan has a destiny she never imagined. With Bella's new family in danger Elizabeth is pulled into the ugly mess the Cullen’s have between the infamous Volturi coven. Her life is bartered for the freedom of others but is being a reluctant heroine really all that i...

  • Neither Lady nor Pirate (Complete)
    325K 17.8K 42

    Abbie has never been what one would call a typical lady. Trying to keep up with England's rich and powerful is far too much work, and Abbie has never enjoyed the endless games of chasing acknowledgement form her peers. When she's engaged rather unwillingly to the wealthiest lord in London, she knows without a doubt...

  • Blind to Hope✔️
    231K 13.7K 35

    "I can't bear to see you in pain," I whispered to him, why couldn't he understand? "I have to protect you." "But who looks after you?" Mr. Blackbourne asked. A question I didn't want to answer. Sang Sorenson is a Guardian Angel in charge of looking after nine souls. An outcast at birth, she's been hidden from the worl...

  • Me And My Five Naga Brothers ✔️
    324K 7.7K 35

    Bella is a normal 16-year-old human girl who lives in a forest with a not so normal family and not so normal life. She is the only human in her family with her five brothers being from the Indian mythology, Nagas. Their parents died and they are left to fend for themselves. The brothers are extremely attached to Bella...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Divide (Soldiers of the Earth Book 1)
    402K 20.4K 41

    It's 2028, and Earth has been under attack by an alien species for two years. This human-like alien species, called Emigres, left their planet to start over after ruining it with constant nuclear war. Looking much like us, the only physical difference between humans and Emigres are that the Emigres have violet eyes. A...

  • Surviving the apocalypse as a vampire! (mxmxm) BL
    57.7K 2.5K 33

    The apocalypse came; firstly only with the side effects of another world war, the radioactive making people sick and poisoning the air and food, but then the zombies came. And they hit hard against an already fragile humankind. Not that it matters to me, really, I'm a vampire after all; no zombie can match me and is e...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm a Cyborg's Pet (girl X cyborg)
    2M 131K 123

    Feisty, Jenny Banks lives a dystopian nightmare as a robot uprising run by dark AI (Artificial Intelligences) takes over the world. Captured and slave collared by robots, Jenny is sent to slave school and then sold to the notorious but mysterious cyborg called Lord Rockwood. Can she survive being 'up cycled' as a pe...

  • Chosen to be a Yautja's Mate
    184K 7.8K 79

    When they first arrived we were the cattle, we were their prey, we were hunted for game and used to be hosts for their Xenomorph's. Now our governments, monarchies, and communists countries have all come to an agreement with them that they may be able to pick our women as their mates in exchange for advanced weaponry...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boy Next Door || Harry Styles
    230K 5.9K 37

    The Boy Next Door {COMPLETED} Harry Styles was all Melanie Harte ever wanted. They have been best friends since forever and the most cliche thing for Mel to do is to fall in love with him. When he's completely clueless, she finds herself stumbling over the cute little things he does. But when their friendship takes a...

  • Tɪᴍᴇ Dᴏᴇꜱɴ'ᴛ Sᴛᴏᴘ ||DBH Connor x Reader||
    246K 7.9K 50

    ||Connor RK800 x Reader|| Your father asked you to be apart of a Cryostasis pod test back in 2018 and that was it! You didn't think it would last for too long he promised you only spend 2 months in it. NOT 20 YEARS You ended up staying in your pod for 20 years until you were found by Connor and Hank in the year 2038. ...

  • [Detroit: Become Human] Connor X Reader: Attached.
    84.8K 2.7K 30

    "My name is Connor, I'm the Android sent by Cyberlife. I am a Deviant Hunter, a machine. Nothing more. I care for my mission, and the mission only. If killing you can help me with my mission, I won't hesitate to do so. I am not your friend. You were nothing but a partner, but now... you are an obstacle..." With an su...

  • Dirty Lying Dragons
    235K 13.9K 47

    Dani, a coven-less witch, is captured by Ryker, a shifter bounty hunter. Will their connection mean something, or will he turn her in for cash? ***** Dani, a witch with no coven, is forced to flee her normal life when a bounty is put out on her. Tr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unbearable Silence (completed)
    1.7M 47.5K 40

    Imagine being deaf and locked up in a room your entire life, with a family who hates you with a passion. This is Anastassia's life. Anastassia is only seventeen years old and the daughter of a very respected millionaire. Whilst to the rest of her family she is just a stupid deaf freak. A freak they hated to a point w...

  • Brazen
    2.4M 62.6K 71

    Warning: Mature Content | "Excuse me?" My heart was pounding, not only because of what he was saying, but because I recognized his goddamn scent and it triggered an automatic flashback of every touch, every kiss, and every fucking thrust he gave me the last time we were even remotely this close. His eyes pierced thro...

  • The Queen of the Prey
    313K 14.9K 32

    "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked Xander, my voice void of any emotions. I was in my warrior stance in front of the whole pack. Back straight, hands folded in front of me and feet shoulder-width apart. I know I looked composed because that's my training. Be composed; don't lose control. Don't lose the battle...

  • Queen of all Kings
    83.3K 3K 40

    Iris Sarah Pantone. Abandoned and adopted as a baby, she's been through a lot, but then try and add in a crazy Mother and an ignoring Father: life just gets harder and harder. Iris is willing to do anything to escape the place she calls home. Grayson Ray Jackson. The Alpha King of the United States and the most powerf...

  • Fated || 1
    836K 21.5K 49

    Katarina Night has been alive since the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. Surprise Surprise, she's a witch. Since her mother was caught and burnt alive for doing witch craft, Kat has been in the care of her aunt. Now it's the modern day, Kat lives in New York with her cat, Salem. Working as a bartender, Katarina on...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shadow Wolf [Vol. I]
    2M 118K 60

    Penny was living a normal life before she found out she was a pure heart. Coveted by the vampires and most importantly the Shadow Wolf she finds herself in the center of the survival of a species. Death marks not the end but the beginning of a twist no one saw coming. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Werewolves cannot just b...

  • A Dragon's Mermaid
    136K 5K 37

    Book 1 in The Beasts Mate Series. This book contains 18+ content, so readers must be 18 years of age or older. The world today is different than that of the past. The supernatural beings no longer linger in the shadows to hide from human society. Humans and supernatural as have created a world where they coexist in r...

  • The Dragon's Mate ✓
    498K 13.2K 37

    ⦗completed⦘ Briar was a baker in the village at the base of the Fire Mountain. She expected to marry Tobin and have his kids and be content with life from there on but one day Luca Striker comes to the base of the mountain, claiming her to be his. -/- "It would be best not to mess with me." I said in a threatening ton...

  • More Than Damaged
    96.4K 2.6K 27

    Willow is the gem of Gotham city. The most beautiful and caring being. She practically glowed. And this of course attracted lots of attention. When this gem disappears, one person treats her like his own gem. They are both damaged in many ways, but you could probably say they are more than damaged. [Reader X Joker] {F...

    Completed   Mature
  • Straight Outta Arkham (Joker × reader)
    8.6K 183 16

    She was the ruler of her own criminal empire, they called her Wildcard. After her biggest highest, she gets ratted out and shipped to Gotham to be imprisoned in Arkham. After breaking out she decides to build her empire once again. Soon she comes face to face with the Clown Prince of Crime himself....Will she rule wit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Who Are You
    157K 3.7K 29

    Okay so this story will probably be a bit like other Joker fan fics. If I accidentally use the same thing as other Joker fan fic writers I am sorry. I do not own the Joker or anything in this book but my characters and the plot.

  • Jack and Miss Parker
    73.9K 2.3K 27

    (Warning: Rated R) " "! Your not suppose to be here.", Mary thought to her self. There was a big roll of thunder, Grace started to whimper and cry. Mary tried to bounce her but Graces cries proceeded to get louder. Mary glanced towards the man in the hat and noticed his head turning in their direction. Mary's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Would You Live For Me
    105K 3.7K 33

    I watched him quietly. He was the man I was most fascinated with. The man I left my house for. And he had no idea I existed.

  • My Psychotic Lover
    233K 8.2K 64

    A simple life and being with her best friends makes Hayley be in peace. Not until, Harleen, her high school friend, goes back in Gotham for a big explosion. Along the way, Hayley meets the Clown Prince of Crime in a bad situation, without knowing that the start of having a rollercoaster life is to approach him.

    Completed   Mature
  • IT {Pennywise x Reader x Losers} Book One [Completed] UNEDITED
    63.1K 1.6K 22

    LINK TO SECOND BOOK: ⚠️Sensitive Content⚠️ #39 in ITfanfiction July 15 2018 #28 in ITfanfiction July 20 2018 #20 in ITfanfiction October 27 2018 🎈We all float too🎈 You, Y/N, are a young girl who has just moved back to Derry after a long time. Since you were a child, you could never stop to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Painless | ✔️
    4M 143K 73

    Book 1 in The Forgotten Trilogy ~~~ He was the one they'd tell you scary stories about. A demon, chained down in heaven by shackles and metal that scarred his skin. The embodiment of evil. But exactly what everyone wanted him to be. His name was Thanatos. Raven was barely making it through her life. The sickness whic...

  • The Archer: Lost Omegas Book 1
    164K 7.5K 32

    Cyrene worked hard to become Lead Archer of her tribe- the first omega to reach the status of Lead. Yet, in the face of annihilation, her tribe forms an alliance with the strange northern Lobo tribe. But nothing ever comes for free. What price did her King agree to? This story is an omegaverse with dark elements. Pl...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Summer To Never Forget {Complete} Book 1The Four Seasons Series
    238K 14.9K 38

    Archon Phury Cole or Arch for short hated his life and his father Sterling Cole with a vengeance. Never in his existence has the man never shown any interest in him that was until now, he was about to turn twenty one and still hadn't shifted. Not once in his life, had the man reached out to him, or made any attempt to...

    Completed   Mature