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  • The Soldier
    11.6K 481 22

    BNHA crossover with marvel after Thanos turned him to dust, he reformed somewhere else entirely. there was no wakanda no hydra and no captain america... Bucky is on his own, or so he thinks. Ranked no.3 on the hash tag 'X-23' 19/5/19

  • Cast Away (Shigaraki Tomura x Reader)
    23.9K 952 19

    You are the sibling of none other than the great Izuku Midoriya. You've always hated that, though. Ever since you were young, you were merely a shadow of his. Someone looked down upon, and eventually someone forgotten. You loved your brother, but you couldn't help but feel he doesn't care for you as he says he does. O...

  • "My R"
    1.3K 87 5

    A bnha fanfiction based off the song, My R. emotional mess

  • It Looks Better On You Anyways
    15.9K 541 9

    He didn't know what he expected when he opened his eyes, but he sure knew he didn't expect to be face to face with the literal embodiment of sunshine facing him. He was saying something by the looks of it, Shouta could see his mouth moving, but all he could keep focus on was the boys messy-but somewhat- cute head of g...

  • It Takes Years || Trans!Aizawa x Yamada
    10.4K 502 6

    ⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️ Shota Aizawa is a full-fledged adult. He came out to his family. They tried understanding, and they did accept him even though they are still very confused how it all works. His next problem is his boyfriend, Hizashi Yamada. He hasn't come out to him because he's afraid. So he just lets Yamada...

  • Broken Wings
    54.7K 1.6K 15

    Izuku Midoriya. Everybody thought he was the happiest, most confident boy in the world. Boy, were they wrong. An abusive father, a mother who never helped, overwhelming anxiety and depression, loneliness, all cloud his smart mind. But... Maybe his life will turn for the better when he meets a special bi haired boy wit...

  • midoriya izuku is not depressed
    22.5K 785 7

    Midoriya Izuku is not depressed. Contrary to what you may think, the years or torment that he's been through weren't really anything. He swears he's fine; perfectly happy with life and his place in it. ----- An introspection on Izuku and his struggles. Slight spoiler warning.

  • No Super. ALL Human
    61.6K 1.5K 31

    Midoriya's road to being the first ever quirkless hero. Disclaimer: I do not own the My Hero Academia series nor the pictures, videos or music featured in this book.

  • Death Manifest
    117K 4.2K 43

    Izuku Midoriya is a boy who has been bullied since a young age. In a world where quirks can cause being quirkless can be hell but what if you were seen to have a villian quirk.

    Completed   Mature
  • Symbiotic relationship
    66.8K 1.4K 13

    Izuku wanted to be a hero. It's all he ever wanted to do with his life. And Venom wished to survive. Despite being in the lowest rung of it's species. Together they just may succeed in both. Or they may in fact do the opposite of the path they wish.

  • Too Lazy To Care
    39.3K 867 11

    Izuku Midoriya we all know him as a sweet child. But what if it was all fake he was wearing the mask to hide his pain. Izuku is a lazy arrogant boy who is a completely the definition of badassery.

  • Dreams Do Come True 2: Hate
    29.3K 1.2K 14

    Now that the media knows about Izuku and Shoto's marriage, Shoto is getting more hate than ever. Especially from his father. Which means Izuku will need to be there for Shoto more than before. Will they be able to pull through together? -Credit to whoever made the cover art, characters are NOT mine, they belong to the...

  • Mislead :: BakuDeku
    38.7K 1.4K 23

    Completed story ♡ "I love you." I said, letting his jacket go. "I know." He whispered, hitting the ground. "Thankyou..." ----- The most confusing and ambiguous thing you will ever read, probably have to read it twice to understand it. ----- Started 9/12/18 Finished 1/6/19 6 MONTHS!!! ----- Platonic Bakudeku? Romantic...

  • Burn Me Alive || TodoDeku
    9.6K 338 2

    Villain Au Todoroki is a run away serial killer and Deku is a suicidal teen taken into the madness, what a perfect couple. I write for fun so if you don't like the story RIP I'm sorry ;;

  • Erasermic oneshots
    448 12 1

    Probably just fluff and maybe some gore but I'll put a warning if there's anything else- :3

  • The Messed Up Class(es)
    48.4K 1.5K 15

    More than your average Chat fic!!! With drama, schemes, Traitors, breakups, betrayal, games, Hackers and someone going deaf, how is Class 1A going to survive? Find out in this story! Tododeku, Bakushima, Erasermic, Kaminari X Sero, Jirou X Momo, Uraraka x Tsuyu, Ashido x Aoyama, Shinsou x Monoma, Hagakure x Oijiro, Sh...

  • Another Dimension?
    3.5K 56 15

    Another Dc/Avengers Crossover but with the golden trio (Robin KF and Artemis) Um... hi again so for those who don't know this book was adopted by someone but something happened so I'm going to continue writing in this till further notice. ~The author

  • The Slugsling Hero,Shane. (MHA X SLUGTERRA Fanfiction)
    10.6K 235 24

    This is about the quirkless boy with his infurnus slug friend. On his way home, Midoriya discovered a strange slug-like creature unconsciously after a stray cat attacked him.Then,he decided to take care of that creature. Then Midoriya found out about that creature he had saved.He called it Burpy because that's it's...

  • Deku of the Dead
    33.1K 1.5K 5

    Young teen has had enough of suffering and finally takes the advice of a 'friend' to 'go swan dive off a roof' in hopes of ending this life and getting a quirk in the new one. Only this new life isn't quite what he had in mind. Near indestructibility, super human strength and oh yeah being dead wasn't quite the plan...

  • Payback (BNHA fanfic)
    33.2K 1.4K 34

    •CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE! •Cover art by @/hatironpa on Twitter •Edited by yours truly. •Katsudeku •Villain Deku •Izuku turns into a villain after All Might and his mother die and Bakugo is blamed for it as he is most ignorant of Izuku's feelings. When he realises that it's his fault, it's already too late. •Mentions...

  • A place where I finally belong (bnha & assassination classroom)
    3.3K 74 5

    Izuku got tired of getting looked down on by everyone he had depression one night he fell asleep in the morning he woke up and he was in a new world "WERE AM I !!!!" he saw someone in the distance " hay I'm ??? do you need help" were am I? why am I here? who is this person? ship-girl_707:haya thanks for reading im s...

  • Midoriya's mistake
    33.5K 1.2K 40

    Midoriya added all of the UA teaching staff members, his classmates, other classes students, the league of villains, plus Chiaki into a group chat. Chaos ensues. ______________. One for all: you ass is grass as soon as I find you mother fucker!! Why did you take my toaster?!! I need my toast!! Invisible: it's 3am plea...

  • Forever's Just a Word
    58 3 2

    Days, weeks, months, years. How long has it been? He can't remember. All he can recall, was boredom. Long never ending days, sleepless nights, all the while his brain tearing at itself, itching for something to do. Something, anything, to stop the screaming. //Alright so I'm not good at descriptions but here we go. V...

  • We Don't Get Paid Enough
    7.1K 232 7

    McCree: do you guys hear that? Eraserhead: you mean the angry shouts and explosions of Bakugou and the screams of Midoriya? Eraserhead: if i have to deal with it then no, I don't hear anything. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~ (Based off of the events from The Messed Up Class(es)) A chat about the verdya lives of Pro Heroes and teachers...

  • Haunted [BNHA Fanfiction]
    1.3K 48 3

    Deku never had a quirk, is what the doctors told him. He never told anyone, that he can see ghosts.

  • Watching My Hero Academia
    37.4K 507 3

    What would happen if 1-A class are forced to watch My Hero Academia. How would everyone feel as their secrets are revealed. ~~~~~ The only character I own here is Lily. And I might add some ships that I like. I'll try to not make it obvious in case you don't like the ships.

  • Assassins with Quirks
    40.1K 833 13

    Nagisa and Karma are the new transfer students in UA's class 1-A what will happen.

  • Do you think I'm a villain? (Shinso x Midoriya)
    17.1K 574 14

    Class 1A has to do a project with another student from the other 1st year classes and Izuku chose Shinso and they don't just work well as a team they work well as a couple... I love this ship so much!! Enjoy

  • A Doves Feather (ShinDeku)
    15.4K 672 8

    " Some say that if you find a Doves feather, you'll find the strongest love in an unexpected way. You'll be able to fix all of the cracks in the one you admire and cause them to love again. At the same time you'll feel all of your past scars heal, and you'll find yourself start to love again. "

  • Foolproof
    24K 636 9

    Shinsou was sure this plan was fool proof. He'd planned all night to make this work. Just hopefully he wouldn't mess it up. This is a ShinDeku fanfic/one-shot! Shinsou x Deku/Izuku. WARNING: this is boy x boy. Don't like? Don't read! As for others Enjoy! :3💙