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  • Into The Depths
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    Taking a walk can clear your head. Or it might just cause a tidal wave that washes over everyone you care about. Deity often found comfort in the ocean, but the innocent gift of a photograph from Zane may cause the waves to be her tomb. ((Grumpy Zane and Corrupted Cole belong to @grumpy-zane on tumblr. Deity, Laria...

  • S.T.E.L.L.A.
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    Deep in the dark basement of Julien's old laboratory in Glacier Barrens, a half finished-yet activated droid hangs on chains. The one before Zane. Before his "son" came to be. Why is she still alive? How many years have passed? Why did he leave? (( Stella is my incomplete nindroid/droid oc, I don't have a set au for h...