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  • A Tired Kind of Rage
    10K 440 8

    Good and evil? Isnt that just two sides of the same coin? What happens when the paladins drive Keith to his breaking point with all the teasing? Will they fear him when they find out about his past? Trigger warnings ⚠️ Child abuse Mentions of Non-con rape (It isn't Keith) Kidnapping Torture Blood Murder

  • "Of course I disappeared, it's what you wanted."
    39.2K 1.2K 32

    When Keith disappears, Voltron do nothing but search for him. But years later, when an upcoming battle with the Galra is informed, they have no choice but to replace Keith. Now Lance flies the Red Lion and Allura flies the Blue. But what happens when the battle is over and they go to visit a planet to celebrate, but c...

  • Torn ~ Klance AU Kangst
    25.2K 877 46

    Keiths living a transgender life and its shredding him apart. He doesn't want anyone to know. But he wants to come out.

  • Kangst for the Soul
    67.6K 2K 23

    Oneshots about Keith!! Will mostly contain angst but I might add fluff if the mood strikes me.

  • Keith One Shots
    92.4K 3.4K 88

    Don't we all just love Keith Kogane? Well this is a book dedicated to him. This book includes sic fics, AUs, whumps and much more all based on Keith! All characters are from Voltron: Legendary Defenders. A Netflix series.