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  • Lifeboat Lighthouse
    1.4M 45.3K 43

    Camila's entire life had been mapped out for her since she was child, she would go to college, study business and then eventually take over her father's company. It was a life she never wanted but had no say in at all. But when the privileged daughter of a multimillionaire meets Lauren, a waitress on the luxury cruise...

    Completed   Mature
  • Living With This Idiot (GirlxGirl)
    730K 26K 39

    There's a thin line between love and hate.

  • Black Converse (Camren AU)
    65.7K 2.7K 5

    Lauren and Camila live in a tiny, lame, one-room apartment, the best they could afford. They shower together, to save water. They share a medium sized bed, using each other's body heat as a solution to cold nights, because they can't afford fixing the heating. But is there anything more between them than simply using...

    Completed   Mature
  • Through Her Eyes (Camren)
    839K 32.7K 30

    Lauren never planned on living in the house she lived in. She never planned on working the job she worked. She never planned on befriending a strange girl named Camila, either. Lauren never planned a lot of things.

  • beyond the monotonous city
    255K 9.4K 55

    Lauren is the girl who thinks her life is as good as over. Camila is the girl who believes her life has truly just begun. What happens when they walk into each other's life? The two discover for themselves what it really means to live, to love, to feel joy and sorrow and to make the most out of life in a monotonous ci...

  • The Pursuit of Camila Cabello
    569K 22.2K 27

    ❝Touch her again, and we'll fucking kill you.❞ She was Lauren Jauregui. By day, she was an international rockstar with a bad attitude and a penchant for partying. By night, she was consigliere to the largest Mafia family in Miami. Her life revolved around turf wars, blood feuds, fine whiskey and all that jazz. To her...

  • gone away are the golden days (2/2) (camren)
    22.4K 868 1

    camila cabello / lauren jauregui camren i wrote the first part of gone away are the golden days two years ago, and i recently found out it was posted on wattpad and had a lot of really sweet (and angry) feedback, so i decided to continue it. hope ya enjoy. keep the fourth wall alive and well thx bye you can read part...

    Completed   Mature
  • Car Radio (Camren AU)
    7.2K 277 1

    Lauren has repetitive dreams of her taking random people’s lives. The dreams, thoughts and sights in her mind, have been hunting her for long, until one night in which she decides to take her car and drive in hopes of finding some sort of distraction. When she sees a drunk girl standing at the side of the road, asking...

  • Gh0sts
    591 53 1

    "All she ever talked about was leaving." But where did she go? She left me without a trace. No letters. No warning. No note. No sign. No clue. Nothing. No Camila. She didn't even say goodbye. It's been 2 years and now everything is catching up with me. It used to always feel like she was back when in reality, it's jus...

  • The Voicemail
    12K 567 1

    "Lauren? Hey, I miss your voice. Call me back when you get this, please."

  • Busy
    4.9K 180 4

    "You're really not as busy as you pretend to be." Short Story - Trigger Warning! Heavy theme of depression and suicide.