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  • seven minutes akaashi keiji [ ✓ ]
    95.2K 4.9K 9

    akaashi keiji × fem!reader COMPLETED // AU [angst]  a short fic about a love in its final moments; a love cherished for the last time EL/HQUALITY、 APRIL 2019

  • mirror, mirror | keiji akaashi ✓
    56.7K 3.1K 7

    [keiji akaashi x insecure!reader] ❝all she saw was a paper thin reflection, and the ghosts that chased it❞ story © jessica // completed

  • It's you (Akaashi Keiji x Reader) Haikyuu!!
    395K 14.7K 15

    "Akaashi, do you like someone?" She felt the shiver going down the boy's spine. "Yeah...", Akaashi replied after a moment of silence. (...) "Are you... Are you sad because you like someone too?", the boy asked warily. "Yeah..." "Did he reject you?", he inquired. "No...", [Name] replied. "But he likes someone different...

  • akaashi keiji one shots
    163K 3.7K 22

    akaashi deserves more love so here we go

  • Akaashi Keiji X Reader One Shots!
    243K 6.4K 32

    Akaashi needs more love, so I though I'd write this for him and you guys! (Akaashi belongs to Haruichi Furudate) (Reader (AKA you) belongs to you) I hope you guys enjoy! (I swear the book is better than this description)

  • Shortcakes 『Haikyuu Oneshots 』
    74.6K 2K 25

    A bunch of Haikyuu drabbles! Prompts! Oneshots! And stuff! AMAZING COVER BY SUGOIREE!! A Haikyuu!! ハイキュー fanfiction | Haikyuu!! | Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2016

  • Photograph: A Collection (Haikyuu!! x Reader)
    11.5K 286 22

    A collection of memories bound in one book. A collection of memories formulated by two hearts beating as one. A collection of memories that go beyond one's expectations. A collection of memories resulting numerous photographs. [ a Christmas special presented by yours truly~! This may appear weird since it's my first...