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  • My Immortal Crush
    95.9K 4.3K 43

    Eternity Series #2 This is how an immortal and mortal fell in love with each other. Despite all of the truths they knew, will they stay and love each other the way they used to be?

  • Fight For Us (JEDEAN GAWONG)
    2.6K 64 4

    This is JEDEAN GAWONG story and this is just a fanfiction

    44.8K 2.1K 37

    Kahit anung mangyari hindi kita bibitawan...

  • Bakit ikaw pa?
    69.2K 3.1K 45

    rejection and revenge

    156K 588 7


  • Magbabago
    3.4K 144 5

    Ang mga nabanggit po dito ay walang katotohanan. Gawa-gawa lang po ito ng aking mapaglarong isipan. Huli ka pero hindi................... Kulong 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Book II: Enough
    116K 3.4K 29

    This is a girl to girl story. If you're not comfortable, kindly find another story. Book two of "Dare or Consequence".

  • 1885 Untold story (Jedean fan fic)
    76.6K 3K 35

    Handa Kaba Magmahal sa Isang Tao na Alam Mong magkaiba anG mundo nyo

    Completed   Mature
  • Maybe this time
    277K 9.6K 55

    GxG Romantic-comedy story Dionne Margarett Galanza Wong's extraordinary story. Dionne is a family oriented happy go lucky girl who firmly believes in first love never dies. So when the daughter of her Mom's first love came in there life that bothers her a lot. She will do everything to protect her family. But What i...

    Completed   Mature
  • MINE
    193K 6.1K 50

    Deanna Wong is Chief Geologist of the Exploration Team working for a partnership of two companies one foreign and the other locally owned forged for gold mining operation in the Dinagat Islands in Surigao. Jema on the other hand is a beautiful barrio lass, daughter of the fierce leader whose community and farmlands...

    211K 7.2K 47

    To love or not to love, Are you up for a challenge? GxG Fanfiction Cover photo credit to katiyarnamrata

    Completed   Mature
  • Officially Yours ( Book 2 )
    753K 20K 59

    Jema Galanza. Deanna Wong. After being separated from each other for a long time, the two crossed path again under a different circumstances. Will there be a second chance for them? OFFICIALLY YOURS. Who will say these words? Author's Note. Do not read this unless you have read book 1 titled I'M YOURS.

    Completed   Mature
  • Not too Easy Love (LUV series #1)
    174K 5.2K 42

    Save your love for her ? or Save your love for yourself ? Love is not about how you love that person. It's about how deep your love for her to the point that you only want her happiness even if it does not include you. Love is not just about how long you waited for her love. It's about how you stayed even all the sac...

  • About a Staredown
    460K 867 6

    Jema Galanza and Deanna Wong= Jedean/Gawong

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever Isn't Long Enough
    20.8K 442 8

    Kailangan nila pareho ang isa't isa pero hindi talaga natin alam kung kailan sila susuko sa isa't isa. Susuko kaya sila o ipaglaban ni Deanna ang kanilang pag ibig ni Jema?

  • Unwanted Love
    323K 7.2K 43

    GxG fanfiction #Jedean #GaWong How can I undo my feelings for you. photo credit to karinaias

    Completed   Mature
  • Twist Of Fate
    20K 503 8

    "The Unexpected usually what brings the Unbelievable" -Deanna Wong, 2018

  • Travel Back In Time
    252K 11.7K 52

    "She was mine... I was hers... We were each others..." Okay, rewind. Let me explain. "She was my....bully. I was her...bully. We were each others...bully." Yes, we hate each others guts! Pero sino at saan nga ba nag umpisa ang lahat? And then, we kissed. It was magical... Wait what?!! Samahan nyo kami sa walang ending...

    379K 9.1K 43

    A love so true will never be Unwanted and the love that is Destined will Defy all odds. Unwanted Love Book 2. GxG fanfiction #Jedean #GaWong Photo cover credit to sreejithpa

    Completed   Mature
    147K 2.9K 28


  • Back Off She's Mine( continuation )
    432K 7.1K 54

    This is the continuation of the story I made months ago haha la lang kasi I can't retrieve it na ee another JeDean story, but not a typical one and part of author imagination and a fiction one hope you like it :) be patient lang po sa ud kasi busy waley lang past time ..

  • You Got Me
    25.3K 673 6

    A cold and spoiled brat photographer, Ms. Deanna Wong met the happy go lucky model, Ms. Jema Galanza. Find out how love will change their lives. A JeDean GaWong Fanfic.

  • To the Moon and Back
    22.3K 719 9

    How will you know na seryoso na sayo yung tao? How will you know when to trust? How will you know na siya na talaga? Bakit ka niya iniwan? Bakit ka niya pinagpalit? Bakit hanggang ngayon umaasa ka parin? Gano katagal ka maniniwala? Gano katagal ka magtitiwala? Gano ka katanga? Sana masagot ng Story na to ang mga tanon...

  • ALWAYS (ongoing)
    42.3K 1.1K 20

    Will you do everything for the one you love?

  • My First
    689K 14.8K 65

    "Hi I'm Deanna. This is the story of my first..."

  • Tamang Panahon
    287K 5.3K 61

    Another story of Unexpected Love

    Completed   Mature