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  • Harvey Street KidsA Melvin and Audrey story
    352 7 9

    You all remember the Harvey Street Girls Netflix show? Well now everyone is in high school. What will happen now that they are older?

  • I Do Love You
    232 23 8

    Fredo kept coughing and coughing the petals, but no matter what, he still loved Lucretia... ;Hey Guys, it's me, and there's not a lot of Fredo x Lucretia stories, so I made one myself!

  • Harvey Girls Forever Teens
    3.2K 108 50

    As teenagers, the gang of Harvey Street have grown up to be 13, except Bobby who is 14. Look at the adventures through Harvey Highschool. *Some chapters inspired by musicals.

  • More than just friends
    283 5 8

    Yeah I'm making another Maudrey book okay this one sets off in another dimension where Melvin and Audrey are best friends (hundred percent sure that's never gonna happen) and then Melvin starts having feelings for Audrey and things kinda get complicated!

  • Melvin and Audrey love story
    393 19 6

    Melvin moved away from Harvey Street he comes back a few years later he promised his old bemused Audrey that he would come back for her but when Audrey found out about Melvin's new girlfriend Nadia things spiral out of control!

  • Harvey Street Kids: Only Us.
    3.4K 77 9

    What happens when two childhood enemies realize they have feeling for eachother in the teens? Will they get together or will there small groups keep them Oof... This ship is between Melvin and Audrey YIPEeE Haaaaaa the title card is an old comic cover, same characters, just older. plz don't judge me :,V

  • Been awhile Audrey x Melvin (comic)
    10.1K 200 14

    After Melvin's parents divorce he and his mom move from Harvey Street. He's been gone for 5 years and comes back to be with his dad. He soon realizes his feelings for his old nemesis as he reminisces. (all drawings are by me, don't own the characters) I will be brutally honest, this is very cringy and kinda scary loo...

  • Melvin x Audrey
    1.5K 55 8

    All the kids are 15, except for Bobby who's 17 and still the best person to go for advice. They're on Summer Break and constantly doing their stupid shit. Yay! Melvin one day saves Audrey from a Bloogey Boy attack after she raids the tree house. Why? No idea. He realizes he's starting to think about Audrey A LOT thou...