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  • The Human Galra
    10.9K 410 9

    Only Keith knows he's a Galra. Klance is a thing in this story like on my old account. Night after night Keith get's these nightmares, always the same one. He's gone Galra and hurt his team. He screams himself awake one night, alerting the others that there is something truly wrong with their hot headed red paladin.

  • Take Over
    56.6K 1.8K 29

    "S-Stay, p-please," Keith mumbled, hiding his face in his pillow. Lance nodded climbing beside the small boy. Keith turned to face him, his face flushed as he looked at Lance, "T-Thanks." "For what?" Lance whispered, his breath close enough for Keith to touch. "B-Being by my side," Keith moved closer to Lance, closing...

  • Why Me?
    28.9K 1K 24

    ""Keith? It's me!" Keith didn't move, he continued to stare and started quivering. "Hey, you okay?" Again the boy did not respond. He looked terrified. Lance has never seen Keith look this scared, look this vulnerable. Slowly, he reached out his hand. Keith jumped away,but Lance kept his arm out. "It's me Keith, It'...

  • K-TH76
    67K 3.1K 12

    Pain That was all Keith could remember of his childhood. Pain and screams. Even now with his new friends and Voltron the memories he has escaped from are taunting him. He is captured and the cycle he had almost managed to forget started again. Can the Voltron force convince both sides of their friend he is not a mons...

  • I Am The Red Paladin
    74.6K 2.8K 35

    "If it wasn't for your Galra comrade I doubt we would be meeting," Kolivan confessed. "Galra comrade?" Allura furrowed her brow confusion present on her features. "What are you on about?" "The boy, Keith, was it? If he had not pursued with the trials and unlock the power of the blade I would never have agreed to meet...

  • Don't Ask About My Demons
    138K 9.5K 47

    The second book of "Don't Ask, I'll Never Tell" The team knows Keith's secret. However, it isn't enough to accept the fact that he's part Galra. Despite his effort to stay in control, Keith's Galra side is threatening to take over and Lance seems to be the only one who can calm him down. This beautiful cover was made...

  • Don't Ask, I'll Never Tell
    446K 25.2K 46

    Keith is a bit off his game and the other Paladins are taking notice. Even Lance is growing concerned at his teammate's behavior.

  • It won't stop spreading
    52.1K 2K 13

    "This can't be happening... I- I can't be Galra!" Keith yelled at the mirror, looking at the purple running up his chest. "T-they can't know..." He trembled, shaking as he looked at his knife. "They won't know..." he whispered, pressing the cold blade up against his purple skin. ... (thERES LIKE 120% OF ANGST IN EACH...