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  • OZARIA ✔
    4.9K 1.1K 44

    Run. Run. Run...... What are you running from? Love. Life. Murder. ****** Cover by @footnoteofhappiness

    Completed   Mature
  • Everybody needs to be loved
    560 226 11

    Why can't you love me? ******** Please listen to the video. This song inspired this book. And thanks for reading.

  • Crossed Paths
    382K 9.7K 21

    Keri and Maia are complete strangers yet go to the same school. Maia is the captain of the Girls' Soccer team whereas Keri is the former Cheerleader Captain. Sure, they've heard of each other; two most popular girls are bound to be known around school. But everything is simpler when certain lives don't clash. Especia...

  • They Know Me
    9.3K 1.8K 40

    "With one phone call, my life did two things at the exact same moment ... ended and began." Seventeen year old Ashe just buried both of her parents. Forced by circumstance, she leaves her childhood home to move in with an aunt she doesn't know very well ... only to find that the small southern town of Mannix, South Ca...

  • A Stranger To Me
    587 135 1

    After a death in her family, Pyper realizes her life is no longer hers ... someone is copying her. She writes a letter with questions she has, only to find out that the mysterious stranger has some of their own - and they are exactly the same as hers!

  • The Coming
    232 104 3

    Expect the unexpected....... ******************* Short Peom Story.

  • Noble Academy
    1.2M 46.9K 62

    Credits: 'MsChallenjour' for the amazing yet beautiful book cover and 'Daring2BeMe' for trying to edit the first few chapters of the book. Also, the tons of readers reading this. The Noble Academy has a group of people that are born with special abilities besides the other humans. They are called Elementals. These pe...

  • Thoughts 1:1
    2.6K 73 20

    A random book of me thinking about you

  • morning musings
    142K 10K 108

    ❝a beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes, but a hidden world of hurt and lies.❞ a collection of short poems and quotes. morning thoughts ✨ #11 in poetry [18/02/18]

  • My Poems
    360K 9.2K 43