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  • Pain in my ass ~Ichigo x Reader~
    39.8K 1.1K 25

    I do not own Bleach or the characters, Please enjoy!

  • Strawberry and You (Ichigo X Reader)
    48K 1.4K 13

    **Book One** You have just moved to Karakura Town with your father for work, it wasn't long after your moved that your father enrolled you to Karakura High. You soon met Ichigo, Uryu, Chad, Orihime and Rukia and befriended them. Soon you began to develop feelings for Ichigo and he started to develop feelings for you...

  • Bleach x Reader Oneshots
    86.9K 1.3K 20

    In the title I don't own bleach nor its characters. All I own is the plot and you

  • Bleach one-shots (requests are open)
    60.6K 1K 26

    Here I will write any requests here are some guidelines The following I will write about- - p much any bleach character -fluff -angst -fluff angst -Au's you might have -lime -lemon -scenarios -headcannons -anything cutesy -maybe a trio x reader if I'm feeling up to it -wedding/engagement -and lastly stuff like u g...

  • Strawberry and You 🍓 2 (Ichigo X Reader)
    10K 353 13

    **Book Two** Y/N was suddenly taken away from everyone not long after she began her relationship with Ichigo Kurosaki and not long ago she told them that she was an espada. Ichigo and the others go and rescue Y/N in Hueco Mundo. When they all return to the world of the living, Y/N's true past life before being an espa...

  • Bleach Ichigo x reader
    43.2K 1.6K 18

    "Get her. Don't let her escape," men was chasing after me with swords in their hands trying to kill me. I was running to get away from them. As I was running, I tumble over a rock a slip on the ground. Pouring rain was really cold and wet mud got on my clothes as I fell, now thanks to the rain that I am soaked and we...