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  • Trapped by the Mafia (a Tangorello Crime Family Romance)
    210K 9.7K 73

    A secret thrill-seeker Bryn is totally slacking at her florist job, daydreaming of becoming an urban exploring social media star. When she messes up an order for a dangerously cynical and handsome Matteo "the Trigger" Scali, the hitman of the Tangorello Crime Family, he steps up to 'fix' her trivial screw up in a non...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Wings of Storm
    9.9K 1.5K 57

    Tahro Akagi shouldn't live in two worlds at once. Yet, forced to spend his days studying by a no-nonsense mother, he longs for adventure. In a moment of desperation, Tahro's soul splits in two. While one of his selves remains in Japan, the other finds himself in Saishuu Riku, the lands of his favourite book. Engrosse...

  • Shadows in the Trees: Book 1
    15.7K 1.7K 64

    Thousands of years ago, a powerful Fae witch created the cursed White Forest to protect the Sylph and Fae from slaughter at the hands of humans led by the prophet Malachi. Now, the forest unites several characters as their stories intertwine, and ultimately lead them on a quest to save their world as they know it. (Co...

  • Slumber
    478 18 2

    Final Round Winner - The Tridents Awards Wordsmith - The Pheonix Wars Wave 2 1st Place in Adventure - The Pheonix Wars Wave 2 Wattpad Featured Reading List - High Fantasy Wattpad Featured Reading List - Undiscovered Wattpad Featured Reading List - Adventure Wattpad Featured Reading List - LGBTQ Newly Written Books - A...

  • Grounding the Storm ✓
    382K 23.1K 57

    [Completed] In a kingdom ruled by a cruel king, no one is out of the watchful eye of the royal family. Not even Roux Aimrey herself, hidden away in a refugee village built from the ground by her parents. If dealing with the looming eye of their leader wasn't enough, Roux's power, an immortal strength, is dangerous an...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Turing Test - [Open Novella Contest 2019 Shortlist]
    2.7K 523 18

    Ronnie Gold only has one dream. Every night for the past two years, flickering images of a bloody battlefield have haunted her sleep, and every night, she's the only survivor. She's never told anyone about it, because combined with the dissociative emotional disorder that renders empathy out of her reach, she'd be lab...

  • The Greatest Obsession
    21.3K 1.6K 32

    1st Place: The Melancholy Awards, The Award Contest, and The Plum Awards. 2nd Place: The StoryTeller Awards, The Honour Awards, and The Moon Awards. 3rd Place: The SummerZodiacAwards. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Elijah Marks has always dreamed of marrying the love of his life, Irina Snow. His dream is finally coming true and in...

  • Breaking Free (BXB)
    15.4K 1.1K 31

    Milo was completely ordinary until an extra-ordinary war threatened his home and everyone he holds dear. Now he must find it within himself to fight for a world he barely knows, navigate complicated relationships and twisted loyalties to save everyone he has ever loved or die trying. _______________...