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  • Lord Knows (Better Dayz: Lil Herb- Sequel)
    22.9K 1K 20

    Now that G Herbo is on the rise, he moves out of Chicago and is on to bigger and better thing.

  • The love I Never Had (Herb & Ari Love story) BOOK 1 [COMPLETE] {editing needed}
    73.7K 1.6K 36

    This story is about A innocent girl from the hood Named Ariana Fletcher She hasn't seen to much of life yet but that all changes when she falls in love with A boy named Herbert Randy Wright which is Gang affiliated & Also which gained him the name in the street as Herb or lil Herb ...COULD YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PE...

  • Where We Reside
    47.3K 2.2K 31

    Dreeka & A'lontae moves from Atlanta for a new start. They change and go threw a lot of obstacles. Co-Write with @GlizzyDaughter

  • Love in sight (G Herbo And Jayda Cheaves Story)
    8K 131 12

    This Story is about a Girl name Jayda who move to Chicago and meet A Hustler and Rapper Name Lil Herb or may call him G herbo

  • Unexpected Changes (Book 2)
    84.7K 3.4K 24

    One year later, 19 year old Ar'mariah is transiting into becoming on her own.. What most people dread... Adult Hood. But with Bibby still along her side, he tries to make it an easy ride along the way. Knowing her Dream of Becoming a Model, He sends some pictures of Ari out to IMG Model agency in New York. After Looki...

  • NoLimit-Til Death Do Us Part BOOK 5
    89K 5.9K 65

    When you live the life these people live the saying "Til Death Do Us Part" becomes more of a reality then a saying. This is a continuation of "No Limit-The Takeover" Let's see where life leads everyone MUST READ THESE BOOKS FIRST👇🏼 IT WAS A ONE NIGHT-BOOK 1 ONE NIGHT TO A LIFE TIME-BOOK 2 LOVE CONQUERS ALL-BOOK 3...

    5.8K 292 11

    My Name is Swervo, cause I be tha G. This is another Gherbo story, NOT A SEQUEL!

  • Terror Town: The Trilogy (G Herbo)
    29.2K 1.4K 26

    Shoutout to @trvisscottt for the bomb ass cover!!! Check her out

  • No Limit MB
    328K 20K 68

    All we know is hustle, we come from the struggle | Sequel to No Limit MG |

  • DreamTeam
    14.2K 496 7

    "And I had my own gun, so I wish a nigga would...try and take anything from me I'd a left em where he stood." - Pain, BLIK

    179K 5.9K 43


    9.1K 496 49

    BOOK 1 - PARANOID - and it's hard to sleep at night." He scratched his neck. "Only God alone knows what I done last night and that shit makes me paranoid". "What did you do last night". I finally spoke up, feeling comfortable to ask. He ignored the question. "If I slip, I slide." That must be why he can't tell me I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Welcome To The Trenches (NLMB)
    32.4K 2.6K 45

    You know them by NLMB the group in which fellow rappers Lil Bibby and G Herbo are part of But do you know what went on before the fame? Follow them and the rest of the No Limit gang members in their path of survival. Watch them go through the struggles of everyday life in the dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago!

  • No Limit Love( ON HOLD )
    49.5K 1.5K 39

    You know G Herbo aka Lil Herb ? Ya the one from no limit. So my dude been chasing the shorty huh ? Whoever this girl is just got my dude going brazy and made him realize aint no limit on love. - Aye

  • Reunited Again (G Herbo)
    183K 7K 54

    They say that love isn't suppose to hurt. That it's the best feeling in the world But if that's so then why does it hurt so bad? Why does it come to end? You give your everything up for a person but they fail to do the same Serenity and Herb were boyfriend and girlfriend for 2 years. She was 16 and he was 17. But o...

  • Her. {GHerbo}
    43.3K 1.4K 22

    This book lowkey ass but you can still read it if you want🤷‍♀️

  • Pull up
    387K 13.8K 46

    It ain't nothing else going on, everything revolving around us, you know we kickin' it. #NLMBLoveStory

  • NoLimit Nia
    111K 4.9K 39


  • Pull Up (G-herbo & Ari)
    14.7K 426 9

    G-herbo (herbie) grew up in the streets not having to answer to anyone, no limit was all he knew! Rapping was his way out, the way to put his fam and his niggas on. What happens when the baddest bottle girl Arianna makes him rethink his whole M.O.B. mindset... stay tuned to see what happens next

  • Mine ( A G Herbo Love Story)
    45.2K 1.9K 18

    "Lately things feeling kinda distant seem like we fallin' apart huh Why you fill my head with the bullshit Can't you tell that I put my all in this How you stop yo feelings so quick? Cause you wanna fuck around with anotha bitch Keep it real, do you really think its worth it Ask yourself does she really deserve this S...

  • Terror Town(G Herbo)
    167K 6.3K 35

    Lil Herb book that I write with @Kaylawayla7414

  • Eastside | Lil Herb story
    55K 2.2K 16

    G Herbo, Herb, Herbo, Lil Herb, Lil Herbie. Growing up in east side Chicago he's lost too many friends to count. From the land where Mommas cry and even the babies heartless it's no wonder his heart is so cold. But one night on tour he meets a woman who changes it all. Kahja was too focused on her to str...

  • Vibin' ( A G Herbo Love Story)
    24.8K 600 6

    "Fucked around and fell in love, I met her from around the land First started off as my little bitch, wasn't even fuckin' then Let me inside, I'll beat it up, and I've been busting since" 20 year old Ariana Fletcher formerly worked as a waitress at Adrianna's Nightclub in Chicago. Since then, Ari has operated her own...

  • Is This Love? ( G Herbo Story)
    14.7K 359 12

    Go on this journey through Jayda's life and see what happens

  • Never Leave My Family
    67.6K 2.4K 28

    Lil Bibby & Lil Herb Story Add this story to your libraries

    Completed   Mature
  • Better Dayz: Lil Herb
    227K 8.3K 76

    Lil herb is one of Chicago's hottest, youngest rappers. But what was he before then? When life wasn't so great.

    Completed   Mature
  • G herbo (Pull up)
    2.4K 46 11

    Just read!!!

  • Love Fails
    30K 755 17

    A good girl by the nickname of bambi moves from Beverly Hills to the eastside of Chicago with her mother and little brother what will be the turn out of this when she meet a gangbanger from terror town and falls for him and his friend?

  • Collateral Beauty (G Herbo) (COMING SOON)
    2.6K 209 5

    Dear Diary, Today I want to talk about one specific thing and that is Collateral Beauty. The meaning to me is simple, the damage of a child's death is so dark and severe that a parent cannot see the full picture because of the tragedy. It may take a lifetime to understand that within that dark and ugly place there was...