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  • ROOM 409™︎
    238K 14.3K 15

    "don't fuck wit' me, i'll break your heart baby". @ PRODUCTION OF -FEMALENUSKI

  • got me simpin
    11K 214 16

    so like i came on here lookin to read some books about polo and i didn't find not one book😗 so i decided why not make one for y'all 😌

  • Mind of a Real
    161K 6.7K 18

    "buh my heart is not to be played with it's the mind of a real nigga😈" .

  • The Trap Shakespeare
    152K 5.5K 20

    I'm a gangster trap queen coming straight out the street. I move drugs, I shoot the guns, and I ain't going to let no nigga stop me from my hustle and grind. Simple. That was the mindset of Desiree. Till she bumps in to her worst enemy Ricardo Santana. Now they must put their differences aside because a new enemy is c...