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  • Classic Rock Imagines
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    I've wanted to do one of these for a while now haha- so, enjoy and hopefully you'll like it! Comment, share, and vote if you do! :3 thanks.

  • We Only Wanted To Be Loved
    10.1K 516 26

    John and Lori continue their story. An uphill battle against opinions of outsiders, money, and drugs. All they wanted was a happily ever after... Sequel to Pretty Vacant. To know what's going on you will want to read that first.

  • Rebel Waltz
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    Candy, an american art student, travels to London where she encounters a couple of "punks," The Clash, who make her feel she's no longer the bad apple, but part of a greater good; opening a new world of experiences. To Candy It seems life has given her the greatest gift, Joe Strummer.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Clash (and other bands) One-Shots
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    These are one-shots requested by people on Tumblr and Wattpad, printed with their kind permission. Send me a message if you want one!

  • Classic Rock Imagines And One Shots
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    Exactly what the title says. Feel free to leave requests in the comments!

  • Classic Rock, Metal and Alternative Band One Shots / Imagines
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    Cute One Shots / Imagines for all of you who are obsessed with Classic Rock, Metal or Alternative Bands. If you would like a specific person then you can request in the comments <3 (Y/N) stands for 'your name' in case you don't know. Enjoy c:

  • Rotten
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    The year is 1977, and when Lola goes to a Sex Pistols concert, the boy she meets there changes everything she's ever known. (insert dramatic music) Trigger warnings: drug/alcohol mention and attempted sexual assault mention (in the chapter Here Comes Your Man)

    Completed   Mature