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  • Stand-In Dad
    33.1K 199 6

    When his father is away, William is expected to look after his 15 year-old sister Reena. Contains spanking of a minor.

  • Becoming The Baby Cullen
    100K 1.6K 31

    Hi, I'm Allison Marie Cullen. I'm 10 years old. My first Mommy and Daddy were mean to me, so some nice people took me away from them then Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife, Esme adopted me a year ago. They are really nice and they are the best Mom and Dad ever, even if they spank me when I'm bad. Oh, and so do my sibl...

  • Kingston (a disciplinary story)
    258K 3.5K 68

    Diana Kingston,aka Kingston is a 16 year old foster kid, who is finally taken into the home of her used to be neighbor, Mr.Tylers home. Mr.Tyler had known Kingston since she was 3. he was always the cool neighbor. but now Mr.Tyler has to straighten up Kingston.

  • Loving my enemy
    352K 5.9K 40

    After Delaney turns 18 she is forced to leave her orphanage and joins and orphanage made for littles. Seeing as she had no childhood she finds comfort in being a little girl again. After an elderly woman comes to foster her she feels safe and at home, that is until her grandson moves in to help care for his grandmothe...