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  • Unite: The Broken World Trilogy Book I [Completed!]
    32.8K 2.8K 47

    Ithemia, a human girl snatched from Earth, has been waiting for the day she becomes an official citizen of Anohi. For ten long years, she remained isolated in her chambers as the secret daughter of Queen Hyenhu, until the day finally arrives. When she meets Aferilon and his companions, Ithemia is revealed the truth ab...

  • Silver As Glace
    6.9K 908 69

    They took her life, so she will destroy everything they have. Masquerades are dances of the night, ploys to cover identities as tricks are pulled behind the masks. As an outcast deemed freakish by her society, it's all 17-year-old Morita has ever wanted. But when a supernatural group called the Dishonoreds crashes th...

  • He Comes at Night
    49.7K 2.2K 45

    Red Feather Award Winner Highest Rankings: #1 Murder mystery #2 Dark Romance #3 Obsessive #7 Mystery #19 Mystery-Thriller #39 Creepy #49 Nightmares #179 Stalker After the death of her mother, Nina's world shifted and it became more like a never-ending nightmare, quite literally. Night terrors and unimaginable horror...

  • From Shattered Darkness
    84 7 6

    A short story written for the Red Feather Award Summer 2019 Writing Contest. Thana, living on war-torn Earth, is pulled from her life and learns shocking secrets about herself and her family. Old questions are answered and new questions are asked when she meets the Universe and time is ticking for her to make an impos...