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  • ✔️Our Robotic Love ft.Shivika (OS)
    470 65 1

    People say "Love is blind" People say "Love is love no matter whom you love" Love is common in every species of living being but, ever heard of love between robots? If,no get ready to witness the love between two robots in the future world of miracles. A SHIVIKA OS 🏆 🥈🥈🥈 🏆 🤖 2nd runner up at AN...

  • Inteqam | Naagin5 Finale
    2.4K 230 3

    Re-imagining the grand finale of Naagin 5. (Episode 52) What could have been the grand finale of the story of Vani? Even with the same track? Status:- COMPLETED Read 1.1 for a happier end to the episode and series. Read 1.2 for a end on a sad note. ...Disclaimer... All characters belong the respective makers and writ...

  • United in Love (HOLD)
    22.8K 4K 26

    It is story of our favorite couple Shivika, its basically sequel of "Queen of his heart " which was loved my many Its not necessary to read "Queen of his heart" to read this book you can read it like this only and if time permits to read "Queen of his heart " you won't regret shivika has been married once again and...

  • BEHIR and VANI short stories
    2.2K 243 4

    This is a continuation of when behir meets vani 😊 read that before this to know how behir and vani got those powers. 😁

  • When BEHIR meets VANI 💕(Completed)
    34.8K 3.6K 35

    A fanfiction on #Behir and #Vani where both meets each other inorder to defeat markat during which they gain lots of powers and resolve the issues using their powers 😃

  • Shivika Awards
    5.4K 252 10

    Just For Shivika Awards , only Shivika's Fanfiction If you have any query you can DM me My Other Account is @riddhip92

  • Shayari World
    761 247 106

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line It's rhythm of words It gives life to feelings So presenting you a book full of shayaris It just contains some hindi shayari and few lines and quotes