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  • The Flatmate (SHERLOCK fanfiction/nanowrimo2013 winner)
    43.2K 1.3K 33

    "They were opposites in every way, but give them a crime and they will find a way to be the same." Sherlock Holmes and his trusty partner, John Watson, collide into the biggest mission of their life. A new kind of enemy strikes, bringing the detective into uncharted territories and into a game that balances heavily on...

  • The Fawn {BBC Sherlock} ✓
    3.1K 175 28

    The Jefferson Chronicles: Book 1 A Fawn represents the grace and beauty of maturity in one's dreams and ideals. Theo is an artist. She sees the world all along the colour spectrum. She understands how shapes interlock with each other and form our world. What she doesn't understand are people, especially her Father, My...

  • The Devil's Chord
    44.8K 2K 31

    A mysterious death. A life in the balance. When do the ends justify the means? John Watson wants nothing more than to head home to 221B and have a hot cuppa, but Sherlock Holmes has other plans. The famous composer, Rebecca Frost, has died. Her elderly butler insists she was murdered. Sherlock takes on the case, onl...

  • rough ashes ;; johnlock
    20.4K 1K 26

    Sherlock Holmes - beautiful and broken and he's got a traumatic past that he vows to keep silent. John Watson - quiet, simple but extraordinary, so he keeps himself buried in books. John finds Sherlock on the vile, horrid streets in the darkest part of london, and helps him. He does not know why, or how, but neverthel...

  • And Together We Fell (prev. "Teenlock") - An AU Sherlock/Johnlock Fanfic
    823K 24.8K 35

    Meet Sherlock Holmes- a 15 year old sociopath; arrogant, tactless, rejected, but enjoys a life of solitude and deducing. Meet John Watson- a 15 year old footballer; quiet, popular, caring, but endures a life of isolation and oppression. A transfer from a state school, John pushes open the door of Room 22 to find t...

  • My Guardian Angel - A BBC Sherlock FanFiction
    70.3K 2.3K 12

    Sherlock Holmes was never interested in finding love, that is until he crosses paths with a young woman on her way home from Afghanistan. But there's a catch, this woman is John's younger sister, and she needs a place to stay. (( Post Hounds of Baskerville - Pre-Reichenbach Fall ))

  • Better Than Nicotine
    31.1K 1.4K 3

    Not a case to be heard and not a cigarette to be found, Sherlock is desperate! But John presents Sherlock with a case he can't refuse! It starts with a simple kiss just for kicks, but was it something more? That's for John to know and Sherlock to find out!

  • The Inevitable: Johnlock Fanfiction
    56.7K 3.3K 21

    The detective and his blogger start drifting away after the marriage of Dr. Watson. When an unfortunate accident happens, it brings them closer than ever. No matter how platonic Watson and Holmes think their relationship is in the beginning; no one can deny the unmistakable spark between them. A spark on the verge of...

  • figment.
    20.4K 2.2K 18

    Sherlock remembered the day he had fallen in love with books, but he mostly remembered the day he met John Watson. •cover by @AddictedToTheMadness because she's hella awesome•

  • Rainy Days : A TeenLock Fanfiction
    95.5K 5.8K 20

    Oh hey there. This is going to be kind of a hipster-y sort of story. Coffee shops, bookstores, rainy days, sharing umbrellas, warm jumpers, big blankets, poetry, the whole lot <3 {TW: Mentions of self-harm and domestic abuse} Picture drawn by me. {I wrote this when I was 14!! I am 19 now! Pls be gentle w my soul a...

  • Cabinmates | Johnlock (teenlock)
    326K 12K 19

    Going on a school trip into the mountains for a month sounds simple enough. But when John meets his cabin roommate, Sherlock Holmes, a leisurely vacation soon turns into a hectic summer. [Rated Mature for smut scenes, language, ideologically sensitive material, and alcohol consumption] =△▽△▽△= Cabinmates now has a seq...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Vacancy at 221c: A BBC Sherlock Fanfic
    319K 11.7K 51

    *As featured on the official Sherlock reading list* The daughter of a wealthy Australian diplomat, Celestia Firethorne has fled to London to avoid her family's high expectations and a client turned stalker. When she comes across the long empty 221c on Baker Street, she has no choice but to turn to the notorious Sherl...

  • No Match for the Man
    139 4 12

    Emotions are a minefield, navigable only with the help of a trusty pole star.

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling (JohnLock)
    11.6K 838 25

    TRIGGER WARNINGS Self harm and suicide Problems have a funny habit of escalating. What begins solely as a lack of communication quickly unravels into the deep, dark tragedy of a broken heart. When John Watson's only love is stolen from him, he has to survive, and thrive without Sherlock Holmes by his side.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Study In Love - A Johnlock Fanfiction
    1.4M 70.1K 26

    It all started with a trip. Sherlock had been acting weird, and everyone thought he was just stressed, so he and John go on a trip to Fiji. Yet, what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation from the stresses of detective work only opened the door for much more stress and confusion when John begins to have strange feeli...

  • The Surrogate Sister (a Sherlock fanfiction)
    20K 663 17

    When young protagonist Victoria arrives at 221B Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes and his blogger, John Watson, find themselves opening an international can of worms that the pompous Mycroft Holmes has been trying to keep sealed for more than a decade. The two detectives and Victoria delve deep into the past to figure out...

  • Sleeping On A Case (A Johnlock Fanfic)
    340K 11.5K 20

    John Watson is a retired military doctor. Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective, the only one in the world actually. When John finds himself trying to convince his roommate to sleep while on a case, things take an...interesting turn.

  • Little Shop of Hamish
    299 29 6

    John Watson and his son Hamish discover a genuine magic shop in downtown London. Sherlock, the shop's owner, takes an unusual interest in both John and Hamish. John begins to remember repressed memories of visiting Sherlock's shop as a boy. Now that he has them, will Sherlock ever let them leave?

  • All is Fair in Love and War
    947 33 11

    A Sherlock fanfiction. Moriarty is back, and everyone knows it. A tragedy strikes the Watson household. Dozens of little crimes pop up all over London. A Minister of Parliament vanishes. What does it all mean? And meanwhile, England's favorite flatmates are forced to re-evaluate the extent of their live-in relationshi...

    Completed   Mature
  • May Your Heart Purr Like A Bumblebee [BBC Sherlock - Johnlock]
    1.6K 113 8

    In which Harry is the biggest Johnlock shipper: Harry Watson is back from rehab and temporarily staying with John and Sherlock. She and John warily begin to rebuild their friendship, and then she makes some observations about her little brother and his flatmate which throw John entirely off balance.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Quiet Man
    117K 5.2K 58

    "Do you just carry on talking when I'm away?" A post-Reichenbach BBC Sherlock story. First person present tense.

  • A Good Man (A Molly Hooper Fiction)
    2.3K 144 7

    Molly and Jim had a brief courtship, but it was the most interesting thing that had happened to her in a long time.

  • cinnamon sticks [sherlock one shots]
    521 27 6

    Holiday traditions are strange in and of themselves. But, of course, the Baker Street duo always takes inexplicable to an entirely new level. A level of zipties, warheads, and an elf .

  • The Puppeteers (Mycroft Holmes)
    22K 1K 21

    James Moriarty was the equivalent of Sherlock. The only difference was that he didn't feel. And he was willing, even glad, to kill. Helena Carter is the equivalent of Mycroft. The only difference is: she isn't willing to kill. And in all the games, the chasing, the cases - Sherlock wasn't the target. He never was. Hel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Read Me Like A Book (BBC Sherlock FanFiction)
    446K 13.4K 35

    "So then, enlighten me, Amelia Robbins. What did you find?" Sherlock Holmes and Amelia Robbins meet on the same case by accident. The two deducing masterminds have it out, the case becoming a battle of wits and intelligence. When Amelia moves into the third room at 221 Baker Street, she falls head first into the world...

  • Believe in Me || Sherlock
    154K 5.3K 57

    Flora Grey moves from Manchester to London in a search for a fresh start. It all starts off the way she wants until she meets Sherlock Holmes, the world's only Consulting Detective. After months of working on cases together, someone appears that they will both dread. Someone who will turn both the lives of Sherlock an...

    Completed   Mature
  • 60 Ways to Say Goodbye - A Johnlock Fanfiction
    408K 16.7K 27

    John is devastated by his best friend and secret love, Sherlock's death. He copes by visiting his grave every day for sixty days. Will this be closure enough, or will John need more to know that Sherlock has heard his words?

  • Brilliant {A BBC Sherlock Fanfic}
    2.2M 69.5K 52

    Amelia Watson is a thunderstorm, and her temper a wildfire. Sherlock Holmes is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, his mind a place very few people can understand. Who'd have thought the two would have anything in common? It isn't easy to capture Sherlock Holmes' attention, so what does Amelia have that caught Sherlock's e...

  • MARIA - A Sherlock Fanfic
    105K 3.5K 24

    MARIA. All over the world, at various crime scenes, the name MARIA has been scrawled on the mirrors. And now she's moved on to London. Tuesday, Mycroft receives three photographs in the mail. Each have the word MARIA scrawled on them in lipstick. One photo of him, one of Moriarty and one of Sherlock.One week later, t...