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  • Fallen State
    886 113 6

    A classic case of 'be careful what you wish for', as Dr John Watson continues with life after losing Sherlock. That's all he can do. It's not enough for someone who misses the thrill of the battlefield - both in and out of London. That is until he's once again drawn back into similar mystifying territory, only this ti...

  • The Man in White
    1K 63 3

    After working for Mycroft for three years, Victoria is finally able to take some time off and visit her friends at Baker Street, and just in time for Christmas. However, much lies ahead for her in London, and she may not be prepared for what— or who— is to come. This is a sequel to The Surrogate Sister Read on Ao3: ht...

  • The Devil's Chord
    24K 1.4K 31

    A mysterious death. A life in the balance. When do the ends justify the means? John Watson wants nothing more than to head home to 221B and have a hot cuppa, but Sherlock Holmes has other plans. The famous composer, Rebecca Frost, has died. Her elderly butler insists she was murdered. Sherlock takes on the case, onl...

  • The Elements (A Sherlock Fanfiction)
    2.5K 171 6

    Absolutely gorgeous cover made my amazing woman; @Shememmy! At first glance, the periodic table looks very complex; each element sustaining its own products. They are around us at all moments, some not being seen, not behind heard. Just like her. Silent. She merges into a crowd, causing harm and destruction wherever...

  • rough ashes ;; johnlock
    18.5K 961 26

    Sherlock Holmes - beautiful and broken and he's got a traumatic past that he vows to keep silent. John Watson - quiet, simple but extraordinary, so he keeps himself buried in books. John finds Sherlock on the vile, horrid streets in the darkest part of london, and helps him. He does not know why, or how, but neverthel...

  • And Together We Fell (prev. "Teenlock") - An AU Sherlock/Johnlock Fanfic
    751K 21.9K 35

    Meet Sherlock Holmes- a 15 year old sociopath; arrogant, tactless, rejected, but enjoys a life of solitude and deducing. Meet John Watson- a 15 year old footballer; quiet, popular, caring, but endures a life of isolation and oppression. A transfer from a state school, John pushes open the door of Room 22 to find t...

  • A Posteriori (Sherlock One-Shots)
    663 31 4

    A collection of one-shots that I've posted on AO3 and FFN previously. Features the pairings John/Sherlock and Sherlock/Molly. Each part will be labelled with pairings and warnings. Some fluff, some smut, some angst. Ongoing collection. Will be updated biweekly on Fridays (or when I write new ficlets). Cover by jacksqu...

    8.6K 259 20

    This is a three-part mystery/thriller of SHERLOCK based off of the BBC television show Sherlock. They are three different adventures taken by Sherlock Holmes, a snotty detective, and John Watson, a concerned doctor that was thrown into the life of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock and John will have to fight someone that has...

  • My Guardian Angel - A BBC Sherlock FanFiction
    56.3K 2K 12

    Sherlock Holmes was never interested in finding love, that is until he crosses paths with a young woman on her way home from Afghanistan. But there's a catch, this woman is John's younger sister, and she needs a place to stay. (( Post Hounds of Baskerville - Pre-Reichenbach Fall ))

  • The One Thing Missed: A Sherlock Fanfiction
    276 18 2

    The Holmes brothers always miss something in their deductions. With Molly and Anthea the most obvious thing missed is that they're cousins. What happens when the girls try to unwind away from the brothers in Scotland with a lot of whiskey. I own all three season of BBC Sherlock, a shiny silver looking skull, and a pa...

  • The Outstanding Difference | teenlock
    2.3K 164 10

    "Sherlock knew little about astronomy-- frankly, he found it boring and pointless when there were so many thing on earth that no one was willing to take time to understand-- but he knew without stars, the universe would lose its balance. However, Sherlock wasn't a star, and the earth in his microcosm would continue to...

  • Better Than Nicotine
    20.9K 992 3

    Not a case to be heard and not a cigarette to be found, Sherlock is desperate! But John presents Sherlock with a case he can't refuse! It starts with a simple kiss just for kicks, but was it something more? That's for John to know and Sherlock to find out!

  • Exmates | Johnlock
    35.1K 2.2K 10

    Forged between unemployment and his girlfriend paying for the bills, John can't go back to the life he had seven years ago. He can't go back to summer nights and moonlit rooms and the broken-down echoes of hopes and dreams and wishes. He can't go back to Sherlock. Then John goes to his high school reunion. And sees hi...

  • The Inevitable: Johnlock Fanfiction
    38.1K 2.2K 21

    The detective and his blogger start drifting away after the marriage of Dr. Watson. When an unfortunate accident happens, it brings them closer than ever. No matter how platonic Watson and Holmes think their relationship is in the beginning; no one can deny the unmistakable spark between them. A spark on the verge of...

  • figment.
    14.5K 1.7K 18

    Sherlock remembered the day he had fallen in love with books, but he mostly remembered the day he met John Watson. •cover by @AddictedToTheMadness because she's hella awesome•

  • yellow
    56.5K 7.2K 38

    Darkness. Definition: Sherlock Holmes Light. Definition: John Watson look at the stars. look how they shine for you. and everything you do. it was all yellow.

  • Rainy Days : A TeenLock Fanfiction
    84.4K 5.1K 20

    Oh hey there. This is going to be kind of a hipster-y sort of story. Coffee shops, bookstores, rainy days, sharing umbrellas, warm jumpers, big blankets, poetry, the whole lot <3 {( Slutty stuff begins in chapter eight )} Picture drawn by me.

  • Smoky Quartz ~ Jimlock
    8.8K 503 22

    Jim was twenty-six, had never been in love and hated just about everyone. Sherlock was nineteen going on twenty, had never been in love and was a raging heroin addict. They fit almost perfectly, like if you tried to stuff two pieces of broken glass back together after breaking something. So hence the word almost.  {(...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cabinmates | Johnlock (teenlock)
    309K 11.2K 19

    Going on a school trip into the mountains for a month sounds simple enough. But when John meets his cabin roommate, Sherlock Holmes, a leisurely vacation soon turns into a hectic summer. [Rated Mature for smut scenes, language, ideologically sensitive material, and alcohol consumption] =△▽△▽△= Cabinmates now has a seq...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Vacancy at 221c: A BBC Sherlock Fanfic
    269K 10.2K 51

    *As featured on the official Sherlock reading list* The daughter of a wealthy Australian diplomat, Celestia Firethorne has fled to London to avoid her family's high expectations and a client turned stalker. When she comes across the long empty 221c on Baker Street, she has no choice but to turn to the notorious Sherl...

  • No Match for the Man
    127 4 12

    Emotions are a minefield, navigable only with the help of a trusty pole star.

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling (JohnLock)
    10.9K 815 25

    TRIGGER WARNINGS Self harm and suicide Problems have a funny habit of escalating. What begins solely as a lack of communication quickly unravels into the deep, dark tragedy of a broken heart. When John Watson's only love is stolen from him, he has to survive, and thrive without Sherlock Holmes by his side.

    Completed   Mature
  • Cygne (A Sherlock Holmes Mystery)
    30.7K 1.7K 16

    She was bound in satin and lace, her painted smile upon porcelain face. She danced upon her golden stage, her shining spotlight, her glorified cage. And her youth and soul were gone and dead, her heart turned cold, her heart turned lead. Her mind unraveled and torn apart, her pale hands holding a mangled heart. Blade...

  • Happy Little Pill
    949 96 5

    ++++ It wasn't exactly love at first sight. But then they discovered they needed each other. ++++ cover art by moi ayyayaya

  • Cauldron-Born [SHERLOCK FANFIC]
    20K 727 16

    Sherlock Holmes and John Watson come across a rather dangerous case involving an army of flesh-eating humans. Whether they've been created by a dark enchantment or a mysterious chemical, Sherlock must find the source before London is literally eaten alive...

  • A Study In Marriage (Johnlock) - Sequel to A Study in Love
    282K 11.4K 20

    Once the rings have been exchanged and the vows have been said, Sherlock and John are ready to settle down and get their fill of the domestic bliss that so often comes with marriage. Unfortunately, nothing is ever that simple for them... and they know the honeymoon period can't last forever. They'd promised each other...

  • A Study In Love - A Johnlock Fanfiction
    1.1M 54K 26

    It all started with a trip. Sherlock had been acting weird, and everyone thought he was just stressed, so he and John go on a trip to Fiji. Yet, what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation from the stresses of detective work only opened the door for much more stress and confusion when John begins to have strange feeli...

  • A Study in Boredom: A Johnlock Fanfiction
    1M 35.7K 38

    Sherlock is bored as usual. He needs JAWN ACTION for...erm...SCIENCE! Yes. Anyway, I suck at descriptions so just read. Contains Johnlock and rated I don't know because I'm making it up as I go along. Maybe it will get porny ;)

  • Northwest Passage
    2.9K 216 27

    Seven years ago, Captain John Watson of the Canadian Forces Medical Service withdrew from society, seeking a simple, isolated life in the distant northern wilderness of Canada. Though he survives from one day to the next, he doesn't truly live until someone from his dark past calls in a favor and turns his world upsid...

    Completed   Mature