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  • Strawberries and cigarettes{COMPLETED}
    5.7K 362 33

    In a world where punks and pastels are forced to live together in harmony,there's only one rule: Pastels and punks can't date Some say it doesn't work out at all,well...not all people think that.If a punk and a pastel date they're casted away and called the norms,well....what if I told you Connor Murphy(a fellow paste...

  • Treebros 30 day otp challenge:NSFW VERSION!!
    54.9K 838 29

    I regret nothing

  • Tree bros fanfiction (Evan X Conner
    3.9K 118 19

    this is a DEH fan fic of tree bros. I have help from AwkwardTreeLover ( go follow ) and yeah! In this AU Conner won't would be to dramatic...lolol okay, read and ENJOY!!! #226 in collab 5/9/18 #98 in collab 6/20/18 #65 in collab 2018, June, 28 #510 in gayship 2018, July, 12 #288 in treebros 2018, July, 17 #50...

  • Smooth Lines
    19.8K 1.1K 16

    "Artist Connor would be such a beautiful thing" An idea based off a comment. A comment from a brave person who struggled to find their ground and grow. With the help of art she did... maybe the same will happen for Connor. ⚠️ Disclaimer: Extreme pain will be inflicted on my lovely characters. Examples are self harm...

  • Memory of Lust~ Boyf Riends
    19.8K 466 4

    What happens when Jeremy is dragged to a party, and the next morning wakes up next to the last person he wanted to cheat on Christine with? ♡♡♡ This story is set post-squip ♡♡♡ TW: bxb smut, some good ol' angst, panic attacks

  • DEH/BMC Oneshot Book
    91.8K 3.4K 55

    Read the title :p

  • At Least You're You. (Cevan)
    53.6K 2.7K 17

    Connor is about to kill himself when he decides to read Evan's letter. When he realizes how alone and afraid Evan is, he becomes worried. So he stays alive for another day to monitor Evan, and to figure out where the sudden concern for this random kid came from. However, new feelings bloom from this, and might lead to...

  • And Forgetting Them (connorxevan sequel)
    28.2K 1.2K 17

    (ConnorxEvan) This is a sequel. So if you haven't, then please go read the first one.

  • Treetops
    129K 6.6K 36

    (Treebros) After Evan shows up at his locker asking for his history notes, Connor starts falling in love with the anxious boy. But things get complicated when Evan's abusive dad shows up.

  • breathe; tree bros
    50.9K 2.4K 11

    "woah hansen, breathe." evan struggled for air, attempting to focus only on what the boy knelt in front of him was saying. he let out a strangled sob and his eyes clouded with tears, he could no longer see connor but he could feel the boys grip wrapped around his forearms. he channelled all his thoughts to that conta...

  • WORTHLESS ((Treebros)((Soulmate au))
    26.3K 1K 6

    .:{Soulmate au where you're soulmate sees whatever you write on your arms and you're colorblind until you kiss your soulmate}:. Dear Evan Hansen, Your soulmate doesn't exist. There is no happiness for you in this life. You're a useless burden. No one would care if you just.........Disappeared.

  • Treebros Oneshots ❤️
    39.2K 784 47

    Btw, there's gonna be a few Headcannons here and there. CONNOR DOESNT DIE EVAN DOESNT EFF STUFF UP CONNOR'S FAMILY IS A LITTLE BIT MORE BETTER CONNOR AND EVAN LIVE TOGETHER HAPPILY EVER AFTER (Btw, I ship Connor and Evan A LOT *And I have a crush on Connor Murphy and Mick Faist soooo DONT JUDGE MEH)

  • DISCONTINUED!!! Opossites attract//RichxJake//JeremyxMichael
    8.1K 271 19

    Jake Dillinger, A popular kid. His best friend is Jeremy Heere. They can both be silly and they act gay 24/7. Jake has always had a crush on Richard Goranski, a nerd, a geek, a loser. Richard Goranski, One of the less popular kids. His best friend, Michael Mell, and him have been playing video games together since th...

  • but not because we're gay//treebros
    74.5K 4.2K 34

    Dear Evan Hansen. Today is going to be an amazing day and here's why.

  • 50 Shades of treebros!{COMPLETED}
    125K 3K 40

    Mr.Murphy will see you now... It's based off of @leylawillams treebros fanfic 50 Shades of Stars

  • Treebros Correction Camp
    30.7K 1.2K 10

    This was created by me on my Treebros oneshot. So I decided to make it its own story. Where Connor is taken to a camp, thinking it's to correct his sexuality. Though it's run by Heidi so she can help them feel accepted with her son Evan. Nice fluff (maybe smut as well) her for Treebros, boyf riends, and aronsbros.

  • A Rich x Jake story (going under edits)
    2.8K 79 16

    After all the events with the Squip, Rich Finally realizes that he wants to be with Jake but after certain events happen, Rich wonders if he is even still FRIENDS with Jake. Tumblr:

  • Wishes
    8.1K 97 11

    Kurt x Ram from heathers Based primarily off the musical [DISCONTINUED] Follow me please

  • Sincerely Yours- A Dear Evan Hansen Fanfiction
    84.5K 4.6K 43

    •Evan, a depressed and lonely teenager, finds love and hope in the mostly unlikely place. The Murphy house• All rights reserved 2017©

  • Pizza Boy- A Dear Evan Hansen Fanfiction
    79.4K 4.2K 47

    Evan thinks his senior year of high school will suck. And why wouldn't it? He had no friends, severe anxiety and no will to live. But, things start to get brighter when a certain long haired Pizza Boy steps unwillingly into his life. Will Evan and Connor make it through their last year of senior year together? Or will...

  • If I Could Tell Him
    98.5K 4.7K 58

    !COMPLETED! Evan and Connor have been crushing on each other for years. Both are too nervous to tell the other how they feel, which leads to a lot of confusion for the two boys. - It's my first fic so sorry if it sucks yikes !COMPLETED!

  • Down // TreeBros ·· Soulmate AU
    116K 5.4K 29

    Huge thanks to @Saphirdrache / @Zitronendrache for the amazing cover. I absolutely love it. The world was always black and white. You always felt empty. They would always promise you that there's someone for you. All you have to do is kiss them and the world will turn right side up... ...They pray that it will turn ri...

  • Wrong Number | Dear Evan Hansen | Treebros
    68K 2.4K 26

    Evan get's a high text from an unknown number, and after talking a while he wonders if the person on the other end isn't so unknown after all. Treebros / EvanxConner / Cevan [ Stepbrothers (bmc/deh) is introduced at pt 20] - Graphics by stiles24stilinskiXD - Trigger Warnings: Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Drug...

  • All I see is you,For Forever{COMPLETED}
    52.9K 1.2K 27

    A treebros fanfic with trans!Evan It will have smut and a bit of a twist

  • Be More Hansen{COMPLETED}
    77.8K 2.7K 48

    A dear Evan Hansen step brother AU Will include the following ships: RAKE(Rich and Jake) Treebros(Connor and Evan) BOYF RIENDS(Michael and Jeremy) ZOLANA(Zoey and Alana)