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  • depression and anxiety poems
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    hi well these are some depression and anxiety poems i wrote please do not copy write my poems and please vote and comment love you guys!!!!!!!! ps i think these poems are for any ages because anyone can go through these things!

  • Open Wounds
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    Facing a shadow in her timeline, Kendall Martinez' world falls down. Packed off to LA, her family's past catches up to her. Battling between heartbreak and hatred, she turns cold. As death comes about, her friends start to go. Can she pull herself out of the darkness that follows her? Becoming a deadly soul, controlli...

  • Dolphin Cove
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    As a young girl, Seraphina Gray Rossi packed up her things at eleven years old to move to a small town on the big island called, Haleiwa, Hawaii. With parents as well respected marine biologists who specialized in the species of bottlenose dolphins, they turned their passion into a living and created Dolphin Cove, a s...