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  • A perfect daughter?
    654 52 20

    Your the first born daughter in the malfoy family you try your best to be your parents perfect daughter, but if you can rebel you take it because you don't wanna be a stupid slave to your parents, so when you were put into gryffindor your parents had a field day with that and when a certain Weasley and you start datin...

  • Draco's best friend
    37K 1K 64

    You and Draco have been best friends since you were little you both are inseparable literally, but when you get with someone Draco gets jealous

  • James potters other child
    8.3K 225 40

    (Quick heads up in this story James and lily never die and they stay alive, Harry is still the chosen one just lily and James aren't dead) Before Harry was born lily and James had broken up and James got with this other woman your mother, when lily told James shes pregnant your mother did too, James ends up leaving y...

  • My knight is a yandere
    973 38 7

    You and Xavier have been friends since you were little now he's your personal knight Everyone loves you for your looks since your the most beautiful princess anyone has ever seen and soon you'll have to get married to a prince but Xavier has other plans

  • Missing
    1.2K 40 21

    After your boyfriend Cedric goes missing after the tri wizard tournament, no one knowing what happened to him you leave to go look for him.

  • The earth kings daughter
    3K 99 13

    One day you sneak out of the palace and meet a boy who brings you to his uncles tea shop which after that you keep sneaking out to meet up with up

  • Cedrics sister
    47.2K 1.4K 90

    Your cedrics little sister you join hogwarts late because you were too sick to go and teachers at Hogwarts agreed you can come if you get better, you did and now your starting Hogwarts

  • The adventures of Merope
    2.7K 79 14

    This is a sequel to my story the girl he loves please read that before this or else you won't understand anything

  • The soulmate spell
    105K 2.6K 85

    Draco does a soulmate spell and he's shocked when he finds out who he's destined to be with forever

  • I never asked for this
    8.4K 382 28

    Neville has a girlfriend named y/n and what he thinks her last name is l/n until he finds out its not true and everything starts changing

  • The girl he loves
    110K 2.5K 31

    Harry finds out about a girl that Voldemort was so in love with when he was in Hogwarts everyone thinks she died a long time ago as well as tom but Harry isn't so sure because the story just doesn't make sense

  • Cedric's girlfriend
    17K 562 41

    Your Draco's older sister and your dating Cedric diggory the day he dies your life falls a part the love of your life is gone forever or is he?

  • Severus Snapes daughter
    173K 4.6K 86

    Being snapes daughter is hard but being snapes daughter and secretly dating Harry Potter is even more hard

  • Sirius blacks ex girlfriend
    51.8K 1.5K 86

    What if instead of the Dursley's that took Harry in when he was a baby was a Sirius blacks ex girlfriend and James potters twin sister Y/n Persephone Potter

  • Draco?
    3.9K 179 21

    After the battle of hogwarts your memory got obliviated and you were sent to the muggle world to live since you couldn't remember anything. But years later when you see someone from your past the spell starts to break

  • The reincarnation of slytherin
    4.1K 137 23

    One day a baby popped out of nowhere everyone in Hogwarts no one knows where this baby came from but Mcgonagall took care of her as she grew older she had visions from the past

  • Dracos ex girlfriend
    99.4K 4.4K 80

    After Hogwarts you become a librarian there you love books so of course that became your profession one day as your working the new defence against the dark arts teacher comes into the library and asks for help finding some books you don't recognize him right away but he recognizes could this be a second chance for lo...

  • Sirius blacks daughter
    15K 590 62

    After your boyfriend cheats on you and obviously doesn't even care about you anymore. All you truly have is two people who stuck by you even when your world was falling apart around you

  • Stupidly and always in love with you
    9.6K 650 50

    This is a sequel to my book stupidly attracted to you read it first before reading this

  • Stupidly attracted to you
    138K 4.3K 96

    For years Draco decided to bully ron Weasleys twin sister for no reason it used to hurt her but now she just laughs at every mean remark he gives her now somethings changed in Draco (Apparently people don't understand but Draco acting stupid around the reader in this book is on purpose that's why I called the book stu...

  • Your not right
    12.1K 474 24

    For the past year your boyfriend has been extremely off weird things have happened unexplainable things but you just say your imagining it all like he tells you every time and now your starting to think your going crazy is some thing actually wrong? Or are you just crazy?

  • Yandere cheater
    61.3K 1.2K 12

    You run into ex boyfriend who cheated on you from your old high school your both now adults and you chat for a bit at the bar you both get drunk and end up hooking up and a lot of surprises happen from one night

  • The mermaid princess
    4.8K 193 7

    One day as your on a rock a human sees you and you swim away but after they see you they get obsessed with you and search for you a year later they find you on the same rock

  • Be mine
    1.5K 65 7

    Your a famous singer your dad owns a famous company and your mother is a famous actor You have the perfect life until of your fans are crazy and obsessed with you and will do anything to get you

  • My possessive ex boyfriend
    4.7K 166 12

    You broke up with your ex because he was too clingy and now your with your new boyfriend James who is your ex's brother your ex went out of the country for university and now he's back and he doesn't know that your dating his brother how will he react what will happen? Will James die find out yourself

  • Yandere Husband
    47.3K 1.1K 15

    You and your husband Jayden have been married for years You love him but you also like your friend Brandon so your feelings are confused but Jayden won't let you be with anyone but him your his and his alone and anyone who tries to take you will die

  • Anonymous help book
    65 2 2

    if you have a problem you message the problem to me and I'll put it in this book and then you just have to look in the comments for your advice

  • the 8th sin
    8.5K 229 6

    your meliodases twin you were apart of the seven deadly sins you were the secret 8th sin now you hid when your brother comes looking for you he finds you with a few of the other as well as a girl named elizabeth

  • Love at first sight
    31 4 1

    a story about me and my girlfriend some stuff will not be true like I made it up to make the story more interesting

  • Hikaru X reader one shots
    544 22 3

    its obvious what it is read the title