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  • It Takes A Killer {JD x Reader}
    359K 9.1K 22

    {Suicidal & Sexual situations. Mature content} (Slow updates) You never were miss popular. everyone had always found something to tease you about. and nothing much changed when you moved to Westernburg High but by now their words bounced off you so easily. and you built your walls up so high no one would even dare t...

  • My Dead Girl Walking( JD x Reader)
    28.3K 503 22

    Y/N is a normal teenage girl, until she meets JD. y/n and JD would kill for eachother. and they did. Highest rating- 53 in JD

  • JD x Reader
    1.1K 22 4

    Ayy lmao like the movie but some twists ahh shit I'm bad at descriptions

  • Universal-JD x reader
    567K 17.2K 35

    You are Veronica's younger sister. You're only a year younger than her and you were pushed into the group. You don't really enjoy being with The Heather's or your sister... Not anymore anyways. Thats when you meet a kid named Jason. Things start to change and your true feelings are brought out. WARNING: this x reader...