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  • BTS Smuts v.2
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    Welcome, dear reader, to the worlds that were developed and processed by two uncanny imaginations. The sensitive are not advised to partake in every adventure that we go on, sadly. | Every story will be marked: Writer - "Title" | Member + Alien - "Deadly Vibes" | Jungkook +SugaMama - "Little Piece of Heaven" | Hoseok...

  • BTS Smuts (the oldies) v.1
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    F͟o͟r͟ n͟e͟w͟ r͟e͟a͟d͟e͟r͟s: !!!!!! This is the first version of this Smut book. This contains fetus writings that may be cringe enough to turn you away. Please give us a chance and look for our most recent Smut book (red cover. Hard to miss) that is out now. Until then, feel free to to see how much we have grown...

    Completed   Mature