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  • Beyond Limits-Male Saiyan Reader
    19.4K 2.8K 53

    A story that takes place in an alternate multi-verse where Goku and friends don't exist. We venture through the life of y/n, a regular mid-class saiyan who strives to be the one the best or if not then the absolute best fighter out there. He doesn't believe in class, any saiyan has the potential to be something specia...

  • UnDead
    204 23 4

    Devin and her older sister Sage have been with each other through thick and thin, all they've ever really had is each other since there parents died in a car accident three years before the outbreak. Both of the girls have been put through the challenges of surviving the apocalypse, and now after an encounter with a g...

  • Luciana
    7 3 1

    When Luciana gets kidnapped from her home she immediately turns to overwatch's help, until she finds out her real dad, will Luciana tell her dad or will she escape from the stress...

  • Shadows Of Monsters / The Darkest Minds
    2.2K 150 8

    I ran and I ran and I ran. Because I knew that if I didn't, I would die. ~~~ Love, death, friendship, heart-breaking, this story is about facing the monster, even if it is yourself. What will Charlie do when she comes face to face with the people who tore her world apart? What will Charlie do when the people closest...

  • Choosing You
    12.5K 633 21

    When Elise Layton gets into serious trouble with a group of friends in her home town, her parents decide to send her thousands of miles away to protect her. They hope she'll finally change her rebellious ways and come back to them having matured. After a long and emotional conversation with her parents about where he...

  • His Secret
    327 29 14

    When the popular Henry Lockwood goes missing from his neighbourhood, Lola Merton can't help, but gain interest in the case. Why would a guy like Henry disappear from his kingdom in a place where every character worshipped him? Apparently, she didn't have to look far for answers. When the mystery arrives in the comfort...

  • Between The Lines
    63 3 3

    Eighteen year old Julian Cutler had lived a rocky life; in and out of intensive care, failing to compose a happy lifestyle and struggling to develop adequate relationships. He didn't understand how easy they made it all seem within movies and equally, in real life. After his mother passed, he was institutionalised for...

  • Watch Me
    25 9 5

    Centuries in the future a genetic mutation split humanity in two. The Watchers and the Watched. In the year 2620, the Watchers reign and the Watched serve. All government jobs and fame is granted to those with the sight. Every year, 18-year-olds discover if they have the sight on Testing Day. Except something is diff...

  • Lucyfer With Us
    42 2 2

    Bernadette Smith is your typical British girl with a typical British name.... well, at least in the public eye. Bernadette is exquisite; she is a dreamer, a doer and a writer. When the opportunity comes knocking to fulfil her dream as a famous author, she books her ticket to New York without a moment to think. She has...

  • Silhouette
    814 43 21

    PROLOGUE "With waves and silhouettes, The view of a beach completes. With Romeo and Juliet, A novel that's bittersweet. Falling in love like playing roulette, I play with my mind obsolete. And desperate, I break my etiquette. Wrong guess and I'm no longer conceit. Seek my heart, my love... This is a quest you must sta...

  • prettier?
    548 74 30

    What is happening to today's society? Have people really gone rude? Does anyone actually know about morals? Will people stop judging others? Well, you have Naya Dayholt, a girl who never cared about her looks. We all know high school is hell. How is Naya going to survive? Will she be confident? Will she be respected...

  • Hell Class: Senior Year
    49 9 3

    "The first rule of hell class is," he yells, points his finger up and starts to look serious, fixing his dumbass eyes on mine. Finally! This dude stops pacing here and there! Seriously, it's hella dizzy while looking at his every move! UGH! "You do not talk about hell class!" He walks to the left side of the room, n...

  • Poems When You're Lonely
    87 9 8

    Just some poetry of how I feel and think half the time. Might post weekly or if I feel like it.

  • St. Clements
    19 3 1

    Jordan King was expelled for the fifth time. Her dad had always threatened to send her to a boarding school if she didn't improve, but she never believed him. She thought that her parents would eventually give up, but...she was wrong. She arrived at the gates of St. Clements School for "Troubled" Teens soon after. As...

  • I Don't Believe in Soulmates
    289 46 6

    I don't believe in soulmates. I have seen the world in its true colors. I have seen enough people's hearts to know that love doesn't exist in a world like this. The "And they Lived Happily ever after" kind of love is just that, a fairy tale. Society just encourages people to fall in 'love', populate by having children...

  • Hide and Seek
    118 15 7

    Private Investigator Peters was working a normal day- catching cheating partners in the act and sitting in an office printing photos, until there's a knock on her door. She had been placed with the task of taking care of her orphaned niece. The reason why, however, will lead her to the biggest case in her lifetime.

  • The Girl In A Woman's Shoes
    126 33 6

    "Are you serious, are we related?" I ask in excitement. "Am I an Albino!?" I ask once more. "Yes young one, and all this land, three mansions and all my money will be inherited by you." Mr. Albino says, which I now know as uncle Rick. "I can't believe this! With all this money I can pay for my sisters operation! I w...

  • Love Cacti
    104 17 4

    ... "I swear, I'll love you until Sir Prick dies, Ember." "But, Sir Prick is plastic." "Exactly." ...

  • Read my mind
    484 32 17

    Louisa is a new student in the school. She went through a lot, losing her brother to suicide, her best friend was taken away from her when she was a kid. She's fighting with depression and social anxiety. Sky is a popular student with a nice personality and she loves to help others. She has an incredible power whic...

  • Doomed
    69 7 5

    Lia Tory was the fastest girl in school. One day, a man named Gary Heshfire hits her with his car. Her legs are paralyzed. At first, Lia hates Gary, but soon, he becomes a close friend. Lia learns the hardships of being paralyzed...and her inside power.

  • Day and Night | ✓
    87.9K 3.3K 42

    Golden arrow awards winner young adult 1st place Award of the month 2018 - Romance 3rd place * * * * * * * * * A slow-burn romance between two people who couldn't come from more different walks of life. As Harper and Angelo begin to explore the...

  • #PlanetorPlasic
    2 1 1

    I'm entering the Wattpad Planet or Plastic contest.

  • I've got your back
    345 38 21

    This Book Is Dedicated To My Four Best Friends. The KAJADs. I Would Not Have Been Able To Write It Without Them. So Thank You J.F., D.P, and A.A. What happens when high school student Amy meets and befriends the schools 'king'. What if he falls for her, will she fall for him. Read to find me out. Best rank #3 in notp...

  • Together we go
    103 25 21

    Follow Katalia on her trip to adulthood from age 16. After her mother dies two kind-hearted people took her in, who happen to have twin girls. Will Katalia kind a soulmate. A best friend. A passion. Who knows. Read to find out. (Will change description later)

  • The Skye Magics Academy
    3.5K 98 11

    "Even that overcomed me, your existence once again fulfilled my empty heart." Our brains can be forgetful but never our hearts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Read the story to find out. Started: September 18,2018 Finished:??? [On going] [A.N] Please dont copy my work. But all pictures used here arent mine. Credits to...

  • Poetry
    115 54 44


  • Thorn
    83 13 11

    All of us have a little bit of 'I want to save the world' in each of us and its okay if you can only save one person and its okay if that one person is you. But how can you save yourself when the world is dying and everything will die with it? *** Four thousand years in the future the world is dying, nobody else is do...

  • The Box
    135 16 6

    She is dangerous. She is fearless. They are scared. They are murderes. This is Hell. This is Heaven. Safe Place. Dangerous Place. Their Creation. Her Box.

  • Dawn To Day
    1.7K 328 21

    "Anyone can be a knight, even a girl. Like you and me." she said. In a kingdom where a "lady of the court" needs to be polite and elegant, the daughter of Duke and Duchess Cygnus finds it hard to fit in. Her life takes an unexpected turn when rumors of the valiant white knight in the Kingdom of Cilane reach the King's...

  • My Candy.
    460 43 9

    Kylie Dawson aka Muffin is a normal 17 year old girl in Red East High School. But her life isn't normal as you think she is. She was the smartest girl in school and probably the most atlethic too. But the thing is, she was also the most bullied girl in the whole school! People who knew her will kept on bullying her un...