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  • Ghost Whispers |-/ Joshler
    428K 26.9K 97

    Tyler Joseph's soul is dying. Joshua Dun's is already long gone but his spirit lives on. It becomes tied to Tyler, a boy who moves into the house across the street from where Joshua and his family was murdered. Tyler begins to slip away but Joshua won't give up that easily. After a night with a ouija board, Tyler c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anamnesis {G.W. Sequel}
    44.6K 3.6K 20

    When the intricate stitching of time is pulled apart, when the thread is cut, one person must suffer. Having lost his memory in the turning back of time, Joshua Dun is completely clueless as to what he did for Tyler, what they went through. Tyler has to make him fall in love with him all over again, thus proving tha...

  • i hired a hitman on myself // joshler [✓]
    247K 16.4K 54

    this is why you should never trust the roommate you got off of craigslist. 3/09/17 {#816 in fanfiction} 3/18/17 {#206 in fanfiction} 3/25/17 {#185 in fanfiction} 3/29/17 {#163 in fanfiction} 4/14/17 {#92 in fanfiction} hit 50k: 04/04/17 hit 100k: 6/15/17 hit 200k: 04/05/19 book started: 10/29/16 book finished: 03/25/1...

  • welcome to the game // joshler [✓]
    76.9K 5.5K 33

    [SEQUEL TO I "HIRED A HITMAN ON MYSELF"] "you don't know who we are, what we've done, and what this place'll do to you." book started: 03/25/17 book finished: 4/25/17 ©smilingtyler

  • I Scream Boy |-/ Joshler
    101K 7.8K 25

    Josh has worked at the local ice cream shop for as long as anyone can remember. Tyler wants to know just how long that really is. Cover by @altjdun <3 «© angelo»

  • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not {I.S.B Sequel}
    1.8K 212 2

    Adjusting to an entirely new world is hard. Raising three children is harder. But saving his husband is perhaps the hardest thing that Tyler's ever had to do. «© angelo»