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  • MC:SM Rewritten: Book 3
    666 18 5

    Trapped in the mountain where Ivor let them, siblings Jesse and Nikki strive to lead their friends to freedom, and to Soren. With a little help from some unexpected friends, the gang finds themselves led to the End, and to the last of the Order of the Stone members, seeking the Super TNT and the answers to the secret...

  • MC:SM Rewritten: Book 2
    1.5K 33 14

    Jesse, Nikki, and friends set out on an epic quest to collect the Order of the Stone. Unbeknownst to Jesse, according to his choice, Nikki leaves with Olivia to find Ellegaard, but ends up finding much more: a command block amulet capable of powers thought to be long-lost! With Soren holding the answers to the amulet...

  • MC:SM Rewritten: Book 1
    2K 68 12

    Nikki is a 14-year-old, adventure-loving, kickbutt young teen. She and her older brother, Jesse, have been there for each other ever since the accident that killed their parents, Steve and Alex. But when a simple shady deal alongside their old friend, Petra, goes wrong, one problem leads to another, and the siblings f...

  • Nightmares
    540 31 1

    Dreams are works of the subconscious. What does it mean when you see your loved ones dead?

  • Always Rose Petals
    24 4 1

    The roses were always green.

  • Stupidness, Weirdness and Randomness
    229 26 18

    So I discontinued all my books and since I feel that it's weird to only just be a reader on Wattpad I've decided to make this weird randomness book filled with ideas or stuff about me or things that go around in my head and just random thoughts and perhaps some horrendous drawings. Sorry for wasting your time.

  • Miles @ Summer Camp Island
    344 14 9

    Miles Raechel: he's a 6½ year old bat going away from his parents for the summer on Summer Camp Island. But he's never been away from his parents for that long. He's a fun loving kid that has a lot to learn, emotionally and factually. Miles is a bright and cheery kid all around and full of innocence and optimism. Rive...

  • Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart Pictures
    6.9K 480 39

    Bunch of pictures of funny and awesome pictures I found off the internet

  • Their Solitary Bubble (SU Fanfiction)
    1.1K 53 5

    (Note: This story is set after the events of SU: The Movie, but before Steven Universe: Future, so Steven is 16, and Spinel is up on Homeworld with the diamonds.) (Note #2: This fanfiction will have Connverse and Spinearl. If you don't like these ships, please don't read this or leave hateful comments.) Steven didn't...

  • Summer Camp Island: Benedict's Story
    789 17 12

    This story follows Benedict Higuchi, a fox, through his journey at Summer Camp Island. He's a moody tween, 12 years, whose aunt sent him to camp hoping he would have fun and make friends.

  • Summer Camp Island Fanfiction
    314 6 6

    This is just some random fanfiction material for Summer Camp Island. Love the show and writing fanfiction.

  • The Wicked One
    3.8K 312 44

    Set after the events of the Brotherhood of Evil. Kyd Wykkyd is released from his frozen prison by an old Titan's enemy. Together with See-More, Kyd Wykkyd fights with and against evil, to save both a villain and his friends. Watch as his untold story unfolds. ... Update every Wednesday.

  • Adventures in New Jungsey Book 1: Scathing Surprise
    567 18 12

    This book series follows eight monkey friends: Alice, Timmy, Oliver, Lenny, Geoffrey, Barry, Andy, and Percy. They all live in a big, jungle-like town called New Jungsey, where they have all kinds of wild and silly adventures!

  • Adventures in New Jungsey Book 2: The Great Camp Escape
    121 8 7

    Noticing that his son relies too much on technology and that they barely ever spend time together anymore, Mr. Overwood decides to make plans for a father-son camping trip with Mr. Wilde and Geoffrey. Coincidentally, they end up camping in the same area as Alice, Lenny, and the younger Pupperson kids!