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  • Who Is The Father? | A Laurisa Cimorelli Fanfiction
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    Lauren Cimorelli has been secretly dating her beloved sister, Lisa Cimorelli. The two girls fell in love but have always hid their relationship, knowing their family would never except it. For months they kept it a secret and no one knew about their affair. One day, Lauren starts to feel dizzy and nauseous. The 19 ye...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Wasn't Wrong | Laurisa Cimorelli
    8.3K 270 15

    Lauren walked into her new school being the shy person she was, then she met Lisa... As soon as she first laid eyes on her she fell in love. something about Lisa pulled Lauren towards her. Lauren was confused because she has never felt like this for anyone especially another girl. Lauren felt like their was somethin...

  • I Need You Here - Sequel to Don't Give Up
    24.2K 991 30

    Read first "Don't give up" - A Laurisa Fanfiction. Then come here.

  • 10PM ↠ laurisa
    3K 123 6

    "do it or I'll tell everyone the secret you've been trying so hard to hide, easy as that, you don't have to know the reason why I'm asking you to do it." - in which the singer is forced to do something she doesn't want in order to keep her secret.

    7.8K 108 17

    Lisa always had strong affection to her younger sister Lauren. However, she is scared to start something with her at all. Lisa is different from other girls... For how long she can keep her little secret from Lauren?

  • Impossible things (Laurisa)♥
    4K 83 16

    Lisa+Lauren=(Laurisa).. Lauren is quite and simple girl who fell in love with her older sister and her band member Lisa. What would happened next.. figure it out.. My first book.

  • Laurisa One Shots
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    What's a Laurisa account without a Laurisa book?!

  • I Never Thought
    2.8K 49 8

    Lisa never thought she could love again until one person, scared of love herself, unlocked her heart.

  • aDORKable
    908 17 4

    When two nerds meet will t be too awkward or aDORKable?

  • Take Me Home {Laurisa Fanfiction}
    5.2K 243 11

    Lisa Cimorelli is called in by Sargent Woodyard. Unexpectedly she stays on the phone for a good hour and gets off. She calls a family meeting and Lauren Cimorelli (Lisa's closest sister) notices somethings up. Waiting patiently the news breaks loose. Everyone's sad about what has to happen but Lauren on the other hand...

  • Unsaid Things (Cimorelli Story) #Wattys 2016
    71.1K 2.1K 23

    Lisa and Lauren Cimorelli were never close to each other. They never wanted to spent free time together for some reason. Lauren never had a reason for not loving her sister, in fact she adored her. But Lisa on the other hand, for some reason never liked her younger sister. They didn't agree on much, in fact, they rare...

  • My sister is my bully
    1.7K 57 5

    My routine is pretty normal for any ordinary girl. Wake up, go to school, do my work then I️ get bullied. Did I️ forget to mention my bully is my sister?

  • The Triangle: A Laurisa and Dauren Fanfiction
    2.5K 53 8

    Lauren Cimorelli is a 16 year old girl who has to choose between her older, 17 year old sister, Lisa or Dani, her younger, 15 year old sister. Will Lauren choose the right girl or will she make the biggest mistake of her life. Find out.... In this story, you, the readers decide who will win Lauren's heart. Vote in the...

  • Falling For You | Laurisa Fanfiction
    18.4K 234 16

    "I've fallen for you Lisa" Their I confessed My secret is out The introvert finally spoke up Warning: book may include smut, swearing, incest. Yea just beware.

  • Cool Off : Laurisa One-Shot
    3.3K 28 1

    Lauren gets caught in the act, but it may prove to pay off when she decides to take a shower... WARNING: VERY EXPLICIT!! this is girlxgirl soooo if you don't like it, then you don't have to read it. Simple as that :)

    Completed   Mature
  • Divulged ↠ laurisa [✓]
    10.9K 333 13

    No one knew about our relationship which is a good thing. But that's until a paparazzi saw us, destroying everything we had.

  • Ice Cold
    2.4K 33 9

    Both girls have the tendency to push people out of their lives. One because they don't want to hurt them. The other because they don't want to be hurt. Both of them are seen the same way though. Ice cold.

  • laurisa wedding
    1.6K 23 6

    Lisa and Lauren are sisters but they are in love since a year and Lisa want to ask Lauren to Marry her so bad. Will Lisa ask Lauren to Marry her? Will Lauren say yes to her or not?

  • How to save a life (a cimorelli fanfic)
    11.6K 234 17

    What happens when a tragic accident happened to the cimorelli sisters how will they all cope with the aftermath and loosing people they truly care about .

  • playing with fire ↠ laurisa
    1.9K 83 4

    Lisa's back after being gone for the past seven years- still madly in love with none other than her sister slash ex-girlfriend, Lauren Cimorelli.

  • Is there Truth in the Stars? (A Laurisa Cimorelli Fanfiction)
    9.5K 259 19

    Sometimes it is hard to face the truth. Sometimes it is hard to deal with things how they are and not how they are supposed to be. Fifteen year old Lauren has to live in a world that changed so dramatically for her. She once was so close to her twenty years old sister Lisa but this one day changed everything. And now...

  • My Sister's New Mother
    12.1K 261 10

    After the tragic death of their parents, Lisa sees herself as the guardian of her 8 year old sister while she's barely 20. However, the moment she held her crying sister for the first time after getting her custody, she vowed never letting her go. Will Lisa be able to handle all the stress of raising a child?

  • Don't give up - A Laurisa Fanfiction
    39.4K 1K 27

    What happen if you love somebody but... You can't have?

  • A Forbidden Love-Laurisa Fanfic
    2.3K 98 9

    The love we had was forbidden to society, to everyone for that matter, But to us it felt right. This is in the future. Lots and lots of things happen in Lisa and Lauren's lives.

  • Laurisa oneshots
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    Laurisa one shots

  • Lauren and Lisa Cimorelli one shots (DISCONTINUED)
    35.4K 500 13

    Finally caved, and made this story. Just a bunch of one shots involving Lisa and Lauren Cimorelli.

  • ⟫Invisible⟪ ⟫A Laurisa Fanfic⟪
    16K 647 20

    Based off of my original One-Shot now turned into a book. :) The story of 2 high-school girls, Lauren Cimorelli and Lisa Hale, who fall in love unexpectedly and spontaneously. However, this story is anything but cliche. ;) Lauren desperately needs someone in her life, and Lisa is dying to be that someone. But th...

  • act like you love me ↠ laurisa
    1.4K 53 4

    ❝When you go, I can't watch you leave. Just promise me you'll sneak out when I'm asleep. And when you go, and you're miles down the road, I wake up wishing everything was just a dream.❞

  • Laurisa/You ( Images )
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    Lisa/You/Lauren Here's bunch of images about Lisa/you and Lauren/you and Laurisa/you. Drama... Romance... Fight... Smut... .