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    Clary and her friends are back texting each other and this time, it's going to be a lot funnier, sassier and angrier conversations. Is it something special you would like to read? Send me a little DM or COMMENT and I'll see what I can do? Malec? Sizzy? Clace? OF COURSE❤️ This is a sequel from my first Shadowhunters bo...

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    Have you ever been wondering what the text messages between Clary and her friends looks like, and what happens when you mix Shadowhunters, Vampires and Warlocks in the same group chat? I guess you have to read to find out 😇

  • Efflorescence (Sequel)
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    In which Magnus and Alec must find the beauty within the world around them when all they can see is darkness. *** The sequel to "Bloom" for those of you who read it! I suggest reading it first before venturing over here, as this will probably reference it on several occasions. Thanks, and enjoy!

  • Bloom (Malec)
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    In which Magnus admires beautiful things and Alec doesn't know what beautiful means.

  • Dear Future Husband (Malec)
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    ..."And dear future husband?.." "What is it my beautiful nephilim?" "It's snowball and it looks dead." Magnus rolled his eyes. "He is a cat and he doesn't look dead,Alexander." said Magnus but all he heard was Alec's little snores.

  • blue.
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    Alec, a self claimed nerd and Magnus, one of the most popular people in school, what happens when they cross paths at a concert for their favourite band?

    Completed   Mature
  • Spells (malec) EDITING
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    Magnus and Alec would do anything to be together. But is Alec willing to sacrifice everything for love?

  • moondust; malec au
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    "for every day i love you, a new particle of moondust appears."

    Completed   Mature
  • Inside You (Mortal Instruments FAN FIC:: Malec)
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    Something is wrong. There is trouble in paradise. Plagued by terrible nightmares and with his emotions all over the place Alec is withdrawing further and further away from the people who care about him. Will Magnus, with the help of Alec's friends and family, be able to help him.

  • The Fall
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    🔞🔞🔞 Magnus knows it is forbidden, so why is he unable to stop himself from searching the skies day and night for his wingmate? How can the wings that feel like home be so wrong, when they feel so right when they wrap around him? Why does fate seem bent on destroying him? Will he risk the assent for the angel with...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Night To Get This Thing Right
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    Magnus Bane swore to himself, when he left a year ago, that he would never step foot in his hometown of Idris again. The small town full of bigots and racist assholes was not his home any longer, not after what had happened. An important event for his best friend, Clary, However, tests that resolve. He has to be there...

  • dear diary | malec
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    TW// suicide attempt(s) dear diary the nightmares keep getting worse everyday but i guess i deserve it i killed her mom i deserve to be in pain

  • Born Confused: Malec AU
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    Alec Lightwood was your average guy. Straight A student, athletic, but had an attitude at times. Although he'd rather stay quiet than be social, like people said he was. He was a listener, but somehow he was a true leader. Magnus Bane, a very feminine bisexual. Very confident, outgoing, fashionable. He did well in sc...

  • Soul mates 2
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    The second part of soul mates.

  • Soul mates
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    Alpha Alec. Omega Magnus.

  • Foster brothers
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    Alec and his siblings were put into foster care when Alec was 14. Their parents got into a tragic car accident on their way back from signing for a divorce. Their lives have been hell ever since, though no one else knows that. They end up getting fostered by a woman called Charlie and her teenage son, but when their f...

  • Conditional Love
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    Alec hadn't realized what telling his parents would mean. He hadn't expected to be sleeping in his car just for being gay. If not for his best friend, he might not have been able to finish college, and started working as a paramedic. Alec also might not have been at the bar that night, might never have met the man of...

    Completed   Mature
  • scream; malec au
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    life in high school was hard enough, a mysterious serial killer who targets teenagers didn't help the situation much. would love conquer between alec and magnus or would evil triumph? *based on the scream franchise, set in the year it was released (1996)*

    Completed   Mature
  • Detention Room [ON HOLD]
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    The poor, shy, and awkward Alexander Lightwood was crammed into detention with the outgoing, joyful, and the social butterfly Magnus Bane. Will a relationship blossom between the two opposites while they stay, stuck in the small classroom for an hour after school? Malec! I hope you enjoy! All characters belong to the...

  • Alone-Malec AU
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    After coming out to his parents, Alec was thrown out of his parents' house. After wandering around Brooklyn he finds a place to sleep until a handsome glittery someone comes along. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE WONDERFUL CASSANDRA CLARE WARNING: This was my first fic and it's kinda cring...

  • Something Sexy This Way Comes
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    AU Malec Fanfic Recently graduating Highschool, Alec Lightwood is on his way to college. Now officially determining his sexuality, Alec lays eyes on the new sexy professor, Mr. Magnus Bane. What will happen??

  • Book Store
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    Malec AU Alec works in a book store. Magnus is a book worm .

  • His Omega to protect
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    🔞🔞🔞 Currently undergoing extensive edit. Alec Lightwood never thought he would find his mate like this. How does he explain the concept of mates to a man who knows him only as Master? can he help Magnus Bane break free of the role he perceives as his place in the world. Or is he already too late to help the beautif...

    Completed   Mature