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  • •The Beauty Underneath || Jikook
    70.1K 269 3

    " I am going insane, I need him.. " -Jjk

    99.9K 4K 49

    Namjoon and Seokjin joined into a parenting alliance (as lovers) to raise their kids Yoongi (18), Hoseok (16), Jimin (13), Taehyung (13) and Jungkook (11). This is the Teenager - sequel to Namjin - Family matters. You don't need to read family matters before this book!

  • BTS Kidnapped!
    71.5K 1.8K 67

    Kpop fans and the world at large are thrown into turmoil when the rising global sensation BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan are kidnapped in the dead of night. As the world reels in confusion the young men of BTS find themselves living a nightmare from which they may never escape from. Will they survive? Will they still be the...

  • Inferior
    90.2K 4.4K 22

    Jimin has been compared one too many times to his stepbrothers ever since his mother remarried. He finds himself falling into a state of depression as insecurities fill his thoughts. Can his stepbrothers and their friends help him before matters turn for the worst? !!!Trigger Warning!!! Don't read if easily triggere...

  • Your Turn to Cry
    215K 9.7K 48

    'In order for you to be close to Taehyung, why don't you court his best friend? As far as I know, he has a huge crush on you ever since the first day of school..' Namjoon stated. 'Do you think Taehyung-hyung will finally notice me?' -JK 'Definitely..' -NJ in which Jimin was used as a bridge to be closer to Taehyung...

  • ·Faded.|| BTS fanfic
    64.5K 1.6K 17

    loneliness, forgotten, and empty. those three simple words are what jimin felt everyday. It started simple being left in a restaurant while the others left, not waking him up for practices, but then they started to ignore him or forget he was even there, it all hit him bad and he felt alone even with all these people...

  • •Your Reason || Jikook
    129K 6.7K 25

    " I just want to give you a reason to live and be mine " -Jjk

  • Sick Maknae
    285K 8K 46

    Jungkook is sick and his hyungs take care of him.. Until some certain things take a turn for the worst.

  • The Spectrum ||bts x jimin||
    121K 5.8K 49

    Park Jimin, a 15 year old born in Busan, who's life flashed before his eyes when he saw his family killed. Little did he know he had power seeping through him and he proceeded to track his family's murderer and burn him to death. He's arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward that is hidden from the public of Korea...

  • {completed} littlies 》bangtan sonyeondan
    1.7M 47K 110

    bangtan feat. little space (+ kiddies) ☆ requests; closed reached 1M reads: 30/10/2019💕

  • BTS Sickfics| Volume 1 (requests are CLOSED)
    111K 2K 62

    This is just a compilation of times when our boys are starting to feel a little bit under the weather.

  • IDOL
    73.6K 3.5K 32

    "If Fate wanted you to be together, YOU WILL BE TOGETHER... IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE RIGHT NOW... WHAT MATTERS TO US IS THE FACT THAT..... IT WILL MAKE ITS OWN WAY TO FIND YOU.." In which Jimin is still waiting for his childhood sweetheart, Jeon Jungkook, who's now working as a famous idol in Seoul.. Can the two finally...

  • The Other Side | Jikook
    162K 7.8K 51

    How big is the difference in lifestyle from one who lives in the riches and someone who comes from the streets? Who learned the proper rights and wrongs from their lifestyle? But most importantly, is one better just because he comes from the high life compared to he who came from the lower?

  • My World is Drowning [Irondad]
    55.3K 2.9K 33

    [#4 in PTSD -07/27/19] Peter Parker was one of the few survivors on an attack on New York. Some people thought it was terrorists, others thought they were aliens, either way nobody was sure how they predicted the tsunami that happened at the same time. The boy was eventually found by Tony Stark, who promises to take h...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Spider's Family
    159K 4.7K 28

    Peter Parker was an average teenager- well as average as life can get when you're a superhero orphan that goes by the name Spiderman. Everyday was the same wake up, go to school, get bullied, go on patrol, go back to the orphanage and go to sleep. That was until the avengers got a mission to find the Spider and bring...

  • The Replacement
    85K 2.1K 20

    I'm Peter Parker and this was how I was replaced by my own father. Thrown into an abusive foster care, bullied each and everyday, menace and vigilante as what people would call me and a bother as what my father said. I wish I was gone. So I wouldn't feel replaced anymore. "I once had a family, now a stranger" "I w...

  • Lost Boy
    280K 12.9K 43

    [#1 in "depression" ~ 07/13/19] Peter Parker is the most ordinary kid in New York city. At least that's what everybody thinks. Instead of playing video games like every other teenage boy, he's created a great spider super suit. With his amazing engineering skills, Peter got his hands on a Stark Industries scholarship...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hunted [1]
    108K 3.9K 19

    "But dad, don't you understand? Spider-Man's a good guy!" Peter protested. "The point, Pete, is that he has power. If he has power, he's a threat. I'm sorry, but that's final," Tony ordered. - - - - Peter Parker (Stark, really) is Tony Stark's son, as well as Spider-Man. And the Avengers are searching for him. This is...

  • Overgrown-an Irondad and Spideyson fanfic
    382K 12.8K 61

    !!not completed!! When Aunt May dies from stage four cancer, Peter Parker finds that he has no one else to turn to other then his mentor, Tony Stark, quickly turned father figure. Disclaimer: I don't own these characters-all rights to marvel!! !!no infinity war or endgame spoilers!!

  • Mutant Child
    138K 4.2K 31

    Tony Stark finds himself taking care of a mutant 5 year old Peter Parker while his aunt is on a business trip. Read how Tony deals with the kid's powers and how he helps the child with controlling said powers.

  • Ill Dry Your Tears
    247K 7.6K 35

    Aunt May died while Peter was in school, taking away the last person on his family tree. Peter doesn't want to go into the system, he feels like he's being forced to. So when there's no one left to save the day, he turns to the only person he feels like he has left. Tony Stark ⚠️ ahead is tears, triggering and taun...

  • Can't be without you
    144K 4.2K 30

    When Tony comes to know about May's death too late, things didn't end well. Peter's guardianship is transferred to a stranger and Tony must soon get it back before anyone is hurt. This story is after CW, HC so Tony and Pete knew each other and they are much closer. Avengers will be joining toge...

  • Small Incident
    142K 4.5K 29

    A simple, small incident can lead to so much more. {Peter Parker portrayed by Tom Holland} {needs editing}

  • Take Off The Mask // Son of Stark 2
    48K 1.4K 15

    Six months... It had been roughly six months since Tony had last heard his precious baby speak. Six months since he had last watched him walk or run. Six months since they had last gone out patrolling as Spider-Man and Iron Man together. {Trigger Warnings: Graphic Descriptions of Violence, Panic Attacks, Sad Scenes} #...

  • Becoming Spider-Man // Son of Stark 1
    145K 6K 30

    Peter shook his head, "I believe they were radioactive." Steve and Tony have lived together since they first met back in 2012... since the start of the Avengers. Around the same time they adopted a son: Peter, who is their pride and joy. They never wanted him to get into the mess of bad guys, aliens, and war - but wha...

  • Stolen // Irondad
    246K 6.8K 33

    "Kid, there are some things we can't prevent. Death is one of them." Tony takes young Peter Parker under his care, after his Aunt is pulled off of life support. However, becoming a dad - and being a superhero - comes with many problems. 14# Marvel --> 30/11/18 11# Steve Rogers --> 04/12/18 6# Captain America --> 11/12...

  • You're Safe
    75K 2.3K 17

    Peters day was going great. He caught criminals, received a sandwich from a nice lady he helped, and many high fives and cheers from fans. Everything was going great until he tried to stop a robbery with his aunts body laying on the ground. After being taken in by Tony Stark, his mentor, what challenges is he going to...

  • The Avengers And Spidey Squad
    1.3M 32.8K 145

    Just One Shots about Spiderman in Avengers life

  • If Only Never Again
    276K 10.9K 17

    Peter Parker has never had the best of luck in the world, but when disaster strikes him once again, it's almost too much. However, Mr. Stark might be willing to help Peter out and he is definitely willing to make sure the kid survives. But getting from point a to point b is a whole other story. Now, you have to rea...

  • Troubled // Irondad
    788K 20.9K 29

    Peter's been through a lot in his life, so when something so horrible happens to his aunt, it messes with him and causes a chain of events.