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  • Splintered [Complete | GB+SB]
    88.6K 6.3K 22

    Your prospects are limited when you don't exist, but Sang Sorenson has been getting by as a cashier in a grocery store after dropping out of high school. Most days, she's just glad to have some independence, but she's been drifting through her life for two years, too alone to realize she's lonely. Then, late one Sund...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meum Miraculum
    13.5M 444K 50

    He was powerful. He was terrifying. Said to be cruel and unjust. Terrifyingly possessive. He had the world, but to him she was his world. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his miraculum.

  • The Beast
    48.1M 1.6M 57

    To the world he was a beast but for her he would do anything. He could have the world but all he wanted was her. They say the things we want most are the things we can't have. For she was so afraid of him that even the thought of him could have her running for the hills. Little did she know that she was the only one w...

  • Sinful Acts
    822K 25.9K 35

    Nola Blackwell is a seventeen year old beauty with a heart made of gold. She has the power to look on the bright side of every situation and believes each day is what you make it. Her optimism is put to the test when her parents die in tragic accident. Leaving, she and her younger brother as orphans. It is then, Nola...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty and the Price
    115K 8.9K 69

    Updates every Sunday :) Cover by: @MinaRosings Disclaimer: I do not own the rights of these characters. Characters and some other things belong to C.L. Stone and are based on the Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle series. This is a fan fiction and only for entertainment. Will not make a profit of any kind from this. Also, t...

  • Loving Lucy (Completed)
    157K 3.6K 32

    "Hush, Little Lamb", he coos softly. I cry into his shirt, not caring that I am in his lap. His large hands run down my back in comfort, making my sobs turn into quiet hiccups. "That's it, Little Lamb", Aiden comforts. The hospital door swings open and the second I see my father, I jump out of Aiden's lap and run into...

    Completed   Mature
  • Binding Leah (COMPLETED)
    261K 5.9K 64

    Book 2 I let out an exasperated sigh as I try to plug in the vacuum cleaner. I crawl out from under the table and try to move the sofa a little so I can reach the plug. I push it as hard as I can and it barley moves. I let out another huff and crawl over the sofa, trying to reach the plug. My finger tips barley gras...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Dragon King (boyxboy)
    3.9M 118K 21

    Baine is a common vampire. He works at his sires club the Vampires Kiss as a bartender, and does not wish for anything more in life. That all changes when the eyes that have been following him have decided to make an appearance. In the form of a temperamental soon to be dragon king. And if that wasn't bad enough now h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unbreak Me
    11M 403K 64

    Avery Adley is trapped and broken. After losing her parents at the age of 8 she was sent to her Uncles family. She has been used, abused and degraded. When a business proposition arises, marriage is on the table. Will Oliver Black be able to help Avery? Or will he be another cruel man in her life? Trigger warning...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fighting for Dominance
    1.3M 27.8K 47

    I started to walk away, but was pushed with my face against the wall. "Obedience. That is what you need." His body was pressed against me, his breath hot in my ear. "Punishment" I could feel the smirk on his lips as he lightly bit my ear; I could hear the strain in his voice, holding back. I heard someone moan and r...

  • { #3 } Twisted Moon (MxM || 18+)
    1.9M 83.1K 94

    Black Moon Series Book #3 Warning: #Mature #Gay #Triggering You shouldn't read this story before you have read at least I Would Give Him The Moon as you'll be missing part of the plot otherwise. My name is Camden and my friends categorize me as a sadist. A sadistic Dominant. I need to get this anger within out and I d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Damien ✔️
    1.1M 23.6K 32

    Book 1 in Dominant Series • He needed her, breathed her, lived for her. And the pure soul enjoyed his company so she didn't mind.

  • Obsession [BXB]
    7.5M 342K 63

    ''Every time you lose...I get to claim a body part''

    Completed   Mature
  • The Heart Of A Pirate
    253K 16.7K 54

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: THIS STORY IS A MATURE READ WITH MULTIPLE PARTNERS. IF THIS BOTHERS YOU, DON'T READ THIS STORY. *FANFICTION OF CL STONE'S ACADEMY SERIES As a maid in the Governor's house, and occasional personal attendtant to Governor Sorenson's spoiled daughter Marie, Sang has learned the value of silence and invis...

    Completed   Mature
  • You can't run from us [BoyxBoy] COMPLETED
    3.4M 125K 51

    "You shouldn't have called me a dog; I'll make you regret that. Prepare yourself "Sparky" because when we get home I'll make you beg." His eyes were dark and mischievous and I felt my heartbeat speed up a little. "Sparky? Really doggie, you couldn't come up with something better? And as for the begging... not really...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nomad 101 (Completed)
    627K 56.7K 127

    With two years of experience, Sang Sorenson knows the tricks of the trade on surviving on the streets. She knows which streets to stay off of, which people to avoid, which restaurants are nice to the homeless, and most importantly what days are the days she and her homeless friends are hunted. So when she meets three...

  • Wild Magic Two: The Dark of the Sun- a M/M shifter fantasy romance
    90.7K 6.9K 29

    COMPLETE- SEQUEL TO BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON- After a brutal betrayal, Cain of Akar, child soldier, the Bain of Notting, and wild magic mage, swore to never give another power over him, especially his heart. And since that vow to the gods, he's never been tempted... Until now. ......... "You need to stop settling for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wild Magic One: By the Light of the Moon-- A Wolf Shifter M/M Romance
    174K 12.4K 37

    **COMPLETED-- First in the Wild Magic series** "My heart doesn't beat right if you aren't holding me in your arms." Edon has never known home, or family. Love or gentleness. Slave to a cruel master, he's lauded as a monster to crowds of leering men and women. Until the day a man who smells like fire and passion break...

    Completed   Mature
  • Days of Grace, Book 1 An AU Ghost Bird Academy Novel
    44.4K 4.1K 32

    ALL OF THESE CHARACTERS ARE FROM THE IMAGINATION OF C L STONE AND I AM BORROWING THEM NOT FOR MONETARY GAIN BUT FOR PURE FUN The Blackbourne team is set to take a year-long long assignment at the troubled Ashley Waters high school. Little do they know that their close knit team will be turned up side down by the ar...

  • Illusion: Vol. 3 (Completed)
    103K 9.5K 36

    Jai was my strength, Noel my sanity, and Gideon was my safety. They were my family, or at least, they used to be. But now, we are broken, and I don't know how to put us back together again. Riley Shepard has accepted that he will never be normal. As the first child to be born of an angel and Fallen union, he is destin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sacrifice: Vol. 2 (Completed)
    96.3K 7.7K 29

    Jai was my strength, Noel, my sanity, and Gideon, he was my safety. Together, they are my family. We fight together, live together, and we die together. For me, there is no other option. Riley Shepard used to want nothing more than to be normal. That is, until three beautiful guardian angels appeared in his life and n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Revelations: Vol. 1 (Completed)
    174K 11K 27

    **Overall 1st place LGBT Literary Award 2019 winner!** **LGBT Literary Award 2019 winner in Paranormal!** *Revised version with new content now available on Amazon* ( Jai was my strength, Noel, my sanity, and Gideon, he was my safety. For my family, I would do anything. I would die for them, a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hang Ten - 9 Guys and a Girl
    114K 8.3K 37

    What happens when 9 Academy guys take on a new assignment, then meet a girl that they all feel something for? Can they keep their minds on the job while keeping her safe. Can they keep their relationship together while they all fall for the same girl. Can she come to terms with her feelings, keep herself safe, help th...

    Completed   Mature
  • There's Something About Him (Complete)
    2.8M 138K 61

    Book One: The Daimon Brothers Series Normally you find a clique and spend your high school years fitting nicely into that little niche but Alira has never experienced that. By anyone's standards she beautiful and sweet, a student who is academically gifted and who accepts everyone's right to exist without causing a fu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ancient Darkness (On HOLD)
    149K 12.2K 46

    Character's from C L Stone's Ghost Bird series are inspired by Christine Feehan in this story about ancient vampires and a lonely girl looking for answers in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. Disclaimer: I don't own The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle. The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle and their cha...