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  • Artwork [h.s]
    3.4M 139K 77

    "Sierra, you go with Harry Styles." I raised up my head at the words, giving my teacher an incredulous glance. "Do I really have to?" Was the only thing I managed to say. The teacher gave me an annoyed look. "Did I stutter? You go with Harry Styles." I turned my head to look at him. At the mention of his name he glanc...

  • What Was Lost // (Harry Styles FanFic)
    28.8K 1.7K 53

    **TRIGGER WARNING** Lilly Matthews and Sutter Mayfield (played by Harry Styles) have been neighbors since they were five, best friends since they were eight, and boyfriend and girlfriend since they were twelve. But when they were 15 something happened to them that you can never prepare for. Sutter's family moves away...

  • Violinist (CENTURIES series: Book #4)
    2.3M 153K 36

    "What would you like me to play; The violin or your pussy?" • • • He lived on the street. They called him a tramp. He slept with trash and found his meals in the garbage. Nobody knew who he was. Melody knew the moment she met him, something about him was off. Something about him was missing. Impassive and unpredicta...

  • Good Little Siren
    975 50 3

    Joshua is no ordinary demon, but you're not exactly normal yourself. You're a bounty hunter, and a siren, two things that immediately mean you're on the wrong side of the tracks, but Joshua has never minded. He likes getting into trouble with you --- which is, of course, is exactly what you're good at. Previous Instal...

  • Hideaway [h.s]
    2.1M 76.3K 106

    {SEQUEL TO MALIGNANT} /She was my addiction, and god I needed to get high/ - "We need to go, they're coming for us." He yells over the rain that's slapping repetitively against the cement. "For us?" I begin until he grabs my hand and pulls me down the road. "For you Amelia, they want you. But they can't have you." ...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Reflection [H.E.S]
    44.5K 3.2K 23

    MATURE CONTENT WARNING: Blood, lust and love. "Darkness. Isolation. Hunger. Is all he has ever known. He used to be a man. But. His human life is long forgotten. Living in the shadows away from society. Living in this soulless cavern that his body has become." He's spent his whole existence in isolation. Not caring f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Goldie | H.S.
    166K 10K 39

    Taking place in the summer of 1978, the story follows 18-year-old aspiring music journalist, nicknamed Goldie, tasked with following up-and-coming UK rock band - The Orphans - while they do their first tour of the U.S. New to life on the road, Goldie befriends Orphan's front man Harry Styles, a handsome narcissist wit...

  • Kismet [H.S.]
    202K 10.4K 41

    MATURE CONTENT WARNING // You bring your gaze back to his face and discover that he's already watching you, his chest heaving with hunger and his eyes drilling luscious holes into your skin. He leans close and breathes against your mouth, the single puff of air that leaves his lips is enough to propel you onward. You...

  • Aerial [H.S.]
    161K 10.2K 28

    MATURE CONTENT WARNING // "If you don't want me to reach up your skirt, then you'll need to start wearing pants." ✼ In Malibu, California in 1965, surfer and world-famous aerialist Harry Styles undergoes a chain of comedic and not-so-comedic mishaps that force him to re-evaluate who he is. ✼ This story contains explic...

  • Ambition || H.S Harry Styles
    351K 22.3K 53

    MATURE CONTENT - In order to be taken seriously, Lexi has had to become something she hates; Emotionless, ruthless and a little bit brutal. But despite the tough exterior, she has one weakness, a green eyed man with a smile that makes her stomach flip and an ego so big she wants to slap it right out of him.

  • Saint Nick
    1.4M 95.6K 28

    "Come to sit on my lap again?" • • • It's that time of the year again, and people are all waiting for Santa to come by with their presents. Hazel is living a humdrum life in her small hometown, doing nothing in particular when a certain Santa Claus asks her if she wants to sit on his lap. Brown eyes, chocolate hair...

    Completed   Mature
  • Night Changes | Unexpected Series Book Two
    41.8K 3.2K 22

    Second book in the Unexpected series. "We're only getting older baby And I've been thinking about it lately Does it ever drive you crazy Just how fast the night changes? Everything that you've ever dreamed of Disappearing when you wake up But there's nothing to be afraid of Even when the night changes It will never ch...