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  • Introspection | Kim Namjoon
    608 73 17

    [WINNER OF BURN THE STAGE AWARDS] "In the pitch black abyss of my mind, twirls the darkest secret I've always wanted to hide from." __ "Your unconscious is the real you, is what people say. They say I have to embrace my mind, my soul, my subconscious to become the real me. This is the safest place in the whole world...

  • Moon Song | k.nj
    425 87 36

    This book is the first in the 'Overlap' series, in which I will be writing one book bout each member of BTS. Enjoy! It all started when she saw him singing late one night. Just singing. In the street. And there was nothing she could do about it. Except sing with him. She loved his voice too much to walk away. ©2019...

  • UnPretty Thoughts: The Leader [ Namjoon x Reader ]
    759 57 16

    Kim Namjoon is the leader of internationally successful idol group Bangtan Sonyeondan, aka BTS. From the very beginning nay-sayers and haters tried to tear him down for any presented flaw or perceived imperfection. He swore to over come it and with the hidden help of a single person he knows he will. But first he has...