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  • I Don't Want To Miss A Thing [Lucius/Narcissa]
    741 35 1

    Aware that the Dark Lord's return means his life is about to become much less peaceful, Lucius takes time to enjoy lying with Narcissa. [Post-GoF. T for implications. I don't own the title; named for the Aerosmith song.]

  • Almost Paradise [Narcissa/Lucius, First Wizarding War]
    461 18 1

    Narcissa reflects on how glad she is that Lucius returned semi-safely from his latest task. First War, pre-Draco, drabble.

  • Hey, Soul Sister [Lucius/Narcissa]
    35.1K 1.4K 53

    Narcissa Black knows that eventually she'll end up with a magical mark in the shape of an animal somewhere on her person: the likeness of the patronus of her soulmate, whom she's destined to love more than she could love anyone else and who will be marked with the image of Narcissa's patronus. However, after her siste...

  • Back 2 Good [Lucius/Narcissa]
    964 47 1

    One-shot. Lucius and Narcissa after the Battle of Hogwarts, realizing how happy they are to be alive and together.

  • Demolition Lovers [Narcissa/Lucius, Death Eater!Narcissa AU]
    597 26 1

    Narcissa makes her first kill. [AU oneshot in which she has joined the Death Eaters alongside Lucius.]

  • Safe & Sound [Lucius/Narcissa]
    7.2K 283 5

    Five drabbles featuring Lucius and Narcissa and based on "Safe & Sound" by Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars for the Lyric Inspired Drabble Challenge II. [TW for miscarriage/stillbirth in Part I.]

  • Narcissa Malfoy's final words~ the battle of Hogwarts (one shot)
    1.4K 47 1

    One Shot~ The fall of Narcissa Malfoy during the battle of Hogwarts. Draco had never seen his father cry before now. My own take on what would have if She had died.

  • Love Me Like You Do [Lucissa with Baby Draco]
    2.6K 112 1

    Narcissa and Lucius with newborn Draco. One-shot. Pure fluff. Title is from the Ellie Goulding song.

  • Narcissa's Lullaby
    594 27 1

    Short story. Lucius is gone again, off at his illegal work for the Dark Lord. Narcissa sits at home with baby Draco, worried sick about her husband and dreading terrible news. To reassure her and Draco, who has been crying since his papa left, that Lucius will be alright she sings a lullaby.

  • Drowsy Lovers
    360 10 1

    This is a Lucissa (Harry Potter) fanfic that I dug out of my email that I wrote forever ago... it's Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy's first night after they are married, and they shared a little late night romance. (Don't worry it's not smutty) ~HAVE FUN READING~❤️

  • Protection
    8.5K 243 4

    Lucius Malfoy loves his wife and will do anything to keep her out of harm's way. Even if it means going back to work for the Dark Lord. However, when Voldemort threatens the love of his life, what will he do? Cover is a screencap.