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  • Fly Robin, Fly!
    16.7K 517 14

    A series of Robin oneshots (two shots & threeshots) from the tv show Young Justice ;)

  • Who's Robin ?
    40.5K 1.3K 12

    When Robin gets injured, batman decides to retire Robin, so he leaves. After 3 years he reappears to yj at a collapsing mall, and goes by the name Renegade, apprentice of deathstroke. He becomes part of young justice as robin, but will his master approve.

  • Needed
    56.8K 2.1K 9

    Robin's having second thoughts about even staying with Bruce and his worth to the team. Can Bruce and the team find him and convince him that he is worth a lot more than he thinks.

  • The Birthday Surprise
    49.6K 1.7K 13

    Robin/Dick Grayson's birthday is coming up, but will he like what's in store for him. Not what it seems.

  • Young Justice One-Shots
    153K 4.9K 71

    Welcome fellow fangirls, to a book filled with wonderful short stories about the amazing male cast of the Young Justice TV series and of course, you! This book will surely meet all the needs and expectations of a fangirl, the book will include scenes that will make you squeal in delight, laugh until your insides hurt...

  • Robin's Allergies (A Young Justice Fan Fiction)
    381K 12K 25

    Robin has allergies that the team doesn't know about. What else will they learn from this incident? (I do not own the cover)

  • Young Justice Nightmares
    1.2K 44 10

    Just a bunch of random times the YJ team members have nightmares and how the other's react. Will take requests.

  • Renegade (Dick Grayson)
    37.4K 1.5K 18

    Richard Grayson (Dick) Is a seven year old boy who had witnessed his parents death when he was five years old. The boy's parents had fallen to their deaths during a performance at a circus; they were called the flying Grayson's, after the accident the boy found that he couldn't speak he was in too much of a depress...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken But Loved (Robin Fic)
    33.7K 1.1K 10

    What if Richard Grayson never got adopted by Bruce and instead was taken in by Slade Wilson(Deathstroke) but Dick had no idea his guardian was a villain, but in Dicks mind, he looked at everyone as a villain. Slade was very abusive to Dick, making him an obedient "dog." What happens when Batman and the young justice t...

  • Disobeying Truths {ON HOLD}
    47.4K 1.8K 15

    Richard Grayson is a boy on the run. From heroes, villains, everyone really. He hasn't made a name for himself, yet he's there. He's stolen from everyone and anyone alike. But he only does it to survive. He's been on the run for these long six years on the streets. So how does someone cope when a bat starts on their t...

  • Crimson Chains
    65.3K 2.4K 27

    People don't know the pain of being chained up and beaten. Your will slowly crack as does your sanity. Leaving you to pick up the loose pieces and hope to put them back together. Trying to be whole or who you once were again. But Robin The Boy Wonder knows exactly what that pain feels like. Knows exactly what it feel...

  • Young Justice X Reader (One Shots)
    321K 10.5K 185

    Just some one shots of favorite Young Justice characters (on hold)

  • Sick Bird.
    145K 8.2K 75

    Adopted from @HomicidalLunatic Robin is getting sick. His illness is thought to be a normal cold at first, until it escalates into something much more dangerous... Now the team has to watch its youngest member fight for his life on a hospital bed. Will they be able to find a cure to stop the Boy Wonder's rapidly appro...

  • YJ Robin One Shots
    21.7K 632 30

    A bunch of Robin centric one shots, including multiple ships, genderbend YJ, female Robin and a lot more! Disclaimer: I do not own DC or Young Justice ALSO: I made the cover on Pic Collab, it is a awesome app where you can make fun pictures and covers!

  • Exhausted (COMPLETE)
    20.7K 437 8

    A massive jailbreak just happened in Arkham. All prisoners running away, including the supervillains, ruining Gotham City. Batman and Robin come to rescue their city. Batman refused to get help from Justice League and the young covert team. They fighting for days, non stop and exhausted, but none of the two would...

  • Too Far.
    51.8K 1.8K 17

    A young justice fanfiction. Robin is pushing himself too far and it is affecting himself and the team. Robin is training way too much and isn't eating right or getting enough sleep and he begins to become a little depressed and falls into self harm.

    Completed   Mature
  • Robin and Wayne Kid One-Shots
    6.2K 248 11

    Just quick tales about Robins/the Wayne Family/Batfam that don't fit anywhere else. Lengthwise, they could be anywhere from twenty-word jokes to several-thousand-word tales of enchantment. Just whatever I feel like writing without commitment. No guarantee on update timings because it's mostly just stalling updates for...

  • Our Little Robin-young justice/robin fanfic
    179K 4.7K 24

    Robin's been turned into a four year old, watch the Batman become Daddy-man when his bird needs it!

  • Daddybats and Baby Bird
    92.4K 2.7K 20

    It is a lot of daddybat fluff. This story is about Dick and how he grows up with Bruce. In this story Dick is 6 when his parents died. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. THE COVER IS ALSO NOT MINE. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!

  • DaddyBats One-Shots
    20.7K 523 12

    A collection of one-shots featuring our favorite dynamic duo, Batman and Robin! The rules for requests are inside - enjoy! REQUESTS - CLOSED

  • Daddy's Little Robin
    16.1K 368 8

    These are adorable and cute Daddy and son moments between baby Robin and Batman {please like} -update- Omg this book got WAY more popular than I expected, okay well, thanks so much guys ❤️

  • daddybats
    6.8K 212 6

    Pretend that Dick's parents died when he was 4 and Bruce adopted him. Bruce learns what it's like to be a father and Dick has a little bit of depression. Will he come to Batman for help or will he just live in the life of sorrow. This story is about Bruce learning how to be a father and new thing about Dick.

  • One Shots Galore
    21.2K 553 40

    Stories, suggested and otherwise, about Robin (specifically from Young Justice)! Some stories might have multiple parts, and I'll hold competitions and contests in special chapters throughout the book! Most of the stories at the beginning were written a while ago, and aren't the best standard they could be, so don't...

  • Falling
    16.5K 552 14

    Dick Grayson(Robin) battles with his past, depression, yada yada yada.( I'm bad at descriptions). ⚠️ WARNING⚠️ : Depression, suicidal thoughts and acts If this makes uncomfortable or triggers your body in a harmful way. Do not read if you may hurt yourself. I don't want you to get hurt This is a cliché plot, but I de...

  • Bruce Waynes Son
    15.3K 463 20

    Dick Grayson is Bruce Wayne's biological son.

  • Little Birdie
    44K 1K 8

    One-Shots about Robin getting in different situations and how the original YJ team, the Justice League, Batsy, and Agent A helps him. This story will also branch off to other situations of Robins life so as the updates continue some more intense scenes and trigger warnings may apply. Also some DaddyBats BEWARE OF FLU...

  • Behind the School Walls (a daddybats fan fiction)
    4K 70 5

    Dick Grayson is being bullied at school. What happens when a certain bat finds out about what is going on at school and what will he do to make sure this bulling stops. (This is my first story so sorry if it is not that good and if there is spelling or grammar mistakes.)

  • Daddybats Story
    5.5K 136 15

    Well this is my first Daddybats Story Hope you all enjoy it! You can request a story or any Daddybats story to me :) Includes: -Bruce Wayne -Dick Grayson -My OC = Dycka Grayson/Myka Ranaka ^-^ (both same person) -YJ -TT and many more !! :D Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THE COVER AND THE CHARACTERS EXCEPT MY OC. Well soo...

  • Reviling the Secrets of Bats (A Young Justice Fan Fiction)
    33.3K 1.5K 5

    Batman finally let's Robin tell the team his secret identity. Only, instead of just telling them they decide to have a little fun with it. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson invite the team over to dinner! This can't be good... (Don't own cover)

  • Robin The Boy Wonder
    2.5K 96 6

    I am finishing this story that was originally written by @princessalyyy. What if Batman wouldn't let Robin meet Young Justice or any of its members? Robin is lonely and wants friends what happens when one of the members spots Robin? I am finishing this story that was originally written by @princessalyyy.