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  • lolita [g.d] √
    28.8K 420 1

    She was malicious, she had a laugh like God, and she had the touch of a thousand angels. Grayson Dolan, an attractive 28 year-old with millions of dollars and more than a dozen clubs owned under his name, could have never been prepared to meet a sadistic soul like hers - especially on the same week as his wedding. [Wo...

  • heaven • gbd
    59.2K 1.9K 17

    in which they say, 'all good boys go to heaven' but bad boys bring heaven to you. ©️swollendolan 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • grayson dolan smut √
    1M 6.9K 20

    and like two ethan ones sorry ⚡️= personal favorites [ all fics written by me + taken from my tumblr account ©rockstardolan ]

    Completed   Mature
  • artist • gbd
    113K 3.9K 24

    in which an art major trapped in an abusive relationship starts to find happiness again after meeting up with her ex-lover. ©swollendolan 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • Master [s.m]
    2.4M 59.3K 63

    "Why can't you just stop being so angry with me all the time?" "Because I love you." *** He was the total opposite of what I'd imagine the man I'd fall in love with. But unfortunately, I did. I fell in love with my captor. *** bwwm ♡ ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Possession [s.m]
    507K 16.5K 52

    after Rebecca believed that Shawn was dead for over a year, how will their relationship change when she finds out she's been mourning after a man that was alive all along? and how will she handle the fact that maybe he's not the man she fell in love with? * Rebecca and Shawn battle within themselves as Rebecca tries t...

    Completed   Mature
  • ʳᵒᵒᵐᵐᵃᵗᵉˢ ( jack gilinsky )
    444K 7.6K 43

    ❝ i'm not crazy. i just have the personality of a crackhead. ❞ ❝ well, i think you're the cutest crackhead i've ever seen. ❞ in which a boy and girl live in the same dorm. | ariana grande + jack gilinsky |

  • Twenty-Nine // J.G.
    164K 2.4K 33

    "You're a player, you flirt with every girl you can get your hands on, and I bet you can't date a girl for two days, let alone thirty!" "Deal." All throughout high school, Jack Gilinsky and Marley Santana lived in polar opposite worlds, and because they each pursued different lifestyles after graduation, it didn't see...

  • sex and candy | grayson dolan
    37.8K 1.2K 8

    it's the summer of 1993. grayson dolan, your typical 90's bad boy was on the subway when he stumbled upon a girl who captures his attention, all by accidently dropping a concert ticket. trying to re-write his image from being a troublemaker, he finds himself returning the ticket instead of keeping it. to his surprise...