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  • Elementary [n.h. au]
    721 39 6

    Rolanda Marshall's life is filled with kids that aren't her own (but are her own), long hours, lesson plans, anchor charts, and endless deadlines. Education is a learning curve and her seventh year of teaching at Wool Creek Elementary doesn't seem to be any easier than her first, but even with the challenges a new sch...

  • silver springs {h.s. au}
    2K 162 11

    A (kinda) short story about tattoos, the photographs you keep, comeback records, and what comes after.

    Completed   Mature
  • About A Girl
    397 16 1

    Chantry is an artist, grounded in the charcoal lines and details left behind on her sketchpad. As of late, however, Harry Styles has been making more appearances than he should. When an internship at the art museum falls through, Chantry finds herself immersed in her brother's world. Elliot is a producer who is workin...

  • under my skin || n.h. au
    38.1K 1.2K 21

    Brooklyn thinks Niall is the most annoying person she's ever met. He doesn't take things seriously, he likes to make embarrassing jokes and bets all the time, but somehow he's one of the best writers in the company. Niall thinks Brooklyn is the most boring person he's ever met. She doesn't care about anything but her...

  • Freckled Constellations - A Harry Styles One Shot-
    790 24 1

    A one-shot based off the AU prompt "I work at a flower shop and you're a tattoo artist from across the street and you always come in here to practice drawing flowers and you're really hot" Beautiful cover by StylesMyth

    1.9K 60 9

    Harry's always been very sure of himself and yet, he finds himself hitting a plateau. Quarter-life crises are supposed to be easy, right?

  • in my heart // n.h a.u
    4.5K 192 9

    Val is certain she loves nothing more than Christmas. Her lipstick collection is a very close second, but once December hits, there is no chance in hell that she will love anything more than what she claims to be the best time of the year. What she doesn't love, however, is Niall Horan. Nope, she doesn't love him at a...