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  • The City of Atlantis | II ✓
    15.5K 983 69

    "You said the Fates played their most risky gamble. What exactly is it?" "Think of the worst. When you return, find them. Or they'll find you. Either way, you must meet them." *** Eden Hills doesn't know what she should do. She screwed up, big time, and now Earth is on the brink of collapsing. Two thousand years witho...

  • The Gates of Tartarus | I ✓
    74.3K 3.1K 51

    "Prove you're an Olympian, and I'll listen." Hermes held out his hand. The air shimmered, before a staff burst into existence. And i mean literally burst into existence. But it wasn't exactly a staff. It was a Caduceus, the famed symbol of Hermes. * * * On her eighteenth birthday, Eden Hills gets a surprise visit from...

  • Ichor
    2.2M 92.4K 103

    (13+ Audience) "Scars are the only identification humans have in the hopeless and desolate world that we barely survive in. Our skin was once bare, unscathed by any hardships, and then the Gods barreled their way into our existence and marred our skin with their mark to remind us who we belong to." Every summer solsti...

  • Alpha Omega
    6.5M 271K 88

    ◤ SEMIDEUS SAGA #03 ◢ Alpha Omega - refers to the twelve demigods destined for the upcoming rebellion. The world has changed. Time has stopped and everyone knows that the demigods are on for a war against the rebels. They have to rely on each other even when two of their members are still missing. More revelat...

  • Before Dawn
    23.6K 777 4

    In a world where beasts from hell have the freedom to roam the earth, the people call for the assassins, members of different organizations that serve a particular purpose: kill demons. Gehenna Ignis knows that a girl like her doesn't belong anywhere... but because of an event that led to the complete change of h...

  • The Semideus Files
    129K 5K 9

    Wanna know more about Greek Mythology and at the same time interact with the Semideus Saga characters? The Semideus Files is ready to give you one-on-one interviews and special programs that are led by our chosen demigods. From interesting Greek Myth Facts to exclusive information about the Academy for Filipino demigo...

  • Oculus of Time
    1.7M 116K 72

    After the rebellion, the Olympians remain seated on their thrones and all the realms have recovered from the tragedy. The Gods and Goddesses are back in their domains, order is restored, and time has never stopped since then. The Rebellion is finished. but the demigods who ended it are not... for they have yet to face...

  • Esmeray
    14.7K 296 1

    In Empyrea, the land hidden beneath the draping curtains of the horizon, there exists human-like creatures in control of two different forms of magic, light and dark. Esmeray is the fourth-born of the King from the Dark Lands. However, she herself knows that she will never be an heir nor will she ever be treated...

  • Song of The Rebellion
    6.1M 285K 84

    ◤ SEMIDEUS SAGA #04 ◢ Promise of the Twelve - End of the rebellion as prophecied by the titan goddess, Mnemosyne. It seems like fighting a titan is not enough. From the ends of the world, our heroes will each have to use their unique abilities to stop the rebellion and prevent Cronus' awakening. The Alphas are...

  • Solaris
    16.7K 272 1

    In Empyrea, the land hidden beneath the draping curtains of the horizon, there exists human-like creatures in control of two different forms of magic, light and dark. Solaris is an honored princess from the Lands of Light. As a possessor of intelligence inherited from her father, the Wise King, it is said that sh...

  • Olympus Academy (Soon To Be Published)
    14.1M 472K 77

    ◤ SEMIDEUS SAGA #01 ◢ Semideus - demigod, a half-immortal child of a God or Goddess. Abigail Young is a student recently expelled from her previous school. It only took a day for her world to change. As a new member of Olympus Academy, the first school to house Filipino demigods, she has to cope quickly with t...

  • The Last Elysian Oracle
    7.1M 288K 75

    ◤ SEMIDEUS SAGA #02 ◢ Elysian Oracle - the oracle of Elysium, the highest oracle of the realms. The Alphas know it isn't over. The Gods are constantly up on their sleeves, giving them missions, perhaps proving the Alphas' loyalty to their deities. What is it with the deities lately? The mortal realm is in...

  • The One-Hundred | 2015 Watty Award Winner
    2.6M 121K 106

    All human babies are killed beneath the waves, with one exception--the one hundred thousandth is spared. Among them, there are those chosen by the moon or sea, an ancient magic sweeping over them. They are called the One-Hundreds. But when one of the gifted rises, the darkness chases after her and hunts her down, lov...

  • When Dead Men Bleed | WATTYS 2020 | COMPLETE
    4.3K 130 9

    Humans are nearing extinction. They're hunted by the second worlders, mythical beings that took the world with force. Zeke, a fragile zombie, suddenly becomes an enemy to everything he once knew. He's always been a dead man walking. The only difference now... is that he bleeds. + + + Wattpad Exclusive. Will be entere...

  • Through the Dimension of Nightmares | WATTYS 2020
    147 7 5

    Nightmares. Moments of terror ripping you from your imagination and back into reality. But what if it wasn't just a dream? What if these nightmares were real? Julie's daughter, Rose, has been suffering from chronic nightmares for a few months now. When a gruesome fairy is manifested from these terrifying dreams, Juli...

  • Waterlogged
    12.7K 963 93

    Sirens only mate once... and it's a matter of life and death. • • • Sirens were created then cast aside by one man, his name a curse in Iridessa's world. He made them ugly, useless, unable to care for themselves. But they adapted. And they conquered. Men are on the menu for Iridessa's pod, those they don't mark fo...

  • ICE
    1.1M 70.9K 170

    [wattys 2018 shortlisted] Humans see her as a dangerous threat -a witch that must be executed. With the uncontrollable ability to form ice at her fingertips, Ravenna is forced into hiding amongst the humans, stealing to survive. That is, until she hears of an ancient dragon with the ability to breathe ice instead of f...

  • Requiem
    17.9K 1.5K 19

    Four teenagers wake up abandoned, in a forest overflowing with ravenous, blood thirsty zombies. ~ If you happen to be reading this story from any other platform other than Wattpad, please note that you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to read this story in it's original, safe form then pl...

  • Obliterate
    223K 12.4K 37

    [book two] Sophie Brooks is cursed. The spirit of a very ancient, very angry vampire dwells within her and is fighting to break free. As she and her friends struggle to re-open Redstone Academy and allow entry to all of the supernatural creatures, both students and humans alike start to go missing. That's when things...

  • Obscure
    7.8M 358K 73

    [book one] The game was simple: A contest comprised of three unique challenges, designed to test a human's strength physically and mentally, their personality compatibility, and their chance of survival. The prize was excruciatingly tempting: The chance to be reborn, into a strong immortal creature of the Night, and t...

  • Don't Be a Hero: A Superhero Novel
    199K 6.2K 31

    Now complete! ~~~ It's a bad time to be a superhero. When the world turned its back on metahumans, the golden age of superheroes came crashing down. But now a mysterious supercriminal is making one final bid for power, and with no one else left to protect the world, ex-hero Spook must risk everything to take him down...

  • The Man Who Crossed Worlds (Miles Franco #1)
    18.1K 1K 28

    Meet Miles Franco, but make it fast. If the cops have anything to say about it, he'll be dead by morning. Miles used to make a living illegally smuggling people between dimensions. That was until the cops caught up with him and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Now he's chasing an interdimensional drug smuggler ac...

  • Leave Her Hanging: A Noir Thriller
    67.5K 3.5K 47

    Now complete! ~~~ Ella Lewis is dead. Someone must pay. “I loved Ella. Now she’s a corpse, cooling off in the morgue with a noose-shaped bruise around her neck. The cops say it’s suicide. It wasn’t suicide. I don’t know who killed her, and I don’t know why. But I’m going to find out, no matter what it takes. And when...

  • Mayday: A Kaiju Thriller
    9.2K 596 28

    Now complete! ~~~ WE WON THE WAR, BUT CAN WE SURVIVE THE NIGHT? Nineteen years ago, the Maydays attacked. Five colossal monsters rose from the earth and laid waste to cities around the globe, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction. Now those monsters are our slaves, fighting each other for our amusement in brutal...

    Completed   Mature
  • Frey
    106K 7.1K 18

    Unaware she's been bound from using magic, Frey leads a small, miserable life in the village where she's sent after the death of her mother. But a tiny spark starts a fury of changes and she finds herself running from everything she's ever known. Hunted by council for practicing dark magic, she is certain she's been w...

  • Blademaster Ascension
    2.7K 516 39

    Rowan lives peacefully in a quiet, ancient village full of simple people near the desert. He likes his peaceful, nice life. But one day, the seemingly simple village undergoes a strange transformation. Rowan himself changes a lot after a freak incident. The simple, harmless people around him are no longer so harmless...

  • The Blood Wolves (Vol.3, The Eldenarian Artifacts) ✓
    7.7K 832 40

    While Sebastian and the others are still reeling from the events of the siege in Thania, the Order of the Black Lotus only has three artifacts left to collect until their goal is complete. However, Makaela slowly begins to question her loyalties to the Order. ...

  • The Ocean Siege (Vol.2, The Eldenarian Artifacts) ✓
    15.9K 1.4K 42

    Everyone is still picking up the pieces after Makaela's decision. But with House Tenebris growing closer to their ultimate goal, some things may have to remain broken. ***** Following Makaela's betrayal, Thorian has only grown in strength; and he a...

  • The Black Lotus (Vol.1, The Eldenarian Artifacts) ✓
    41.9K 3.1K 44

    After the Order of the Black Lotus destroys her family, Makaela-a gifted, but naive mage with a dark secret-inherits an empowering artifact created by the gods. With the Order hunting her down, she must battle a conspiracy that threatens to plunge the world into eternal darkness. ...

  • Hidden Enemies (Book 2, the Primes Trilogy) ✓
    27.7K 2.1K 43

    The world has changed-forever. Still adjusting to their new lives, our heroes will have to uncover a dark conspiracy lurking in the shadows. ***** A year and a half have passed since Kismet infected the world with Primonium. Atlas had taken it upon...