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  • dreamxnightmare lemon~
    3.5K 56 1

    drem and nighty have a good time to themselves but this will not be continued.

  • 🍋Fresh x Pj Lemon🍋
    31K 321 24

    🍋heyyy as the title said it🍋 🍋enjoy the book🍋

  • Hiraeth (Ink x Error)
    113K 4.1K 32

    Hiraeth(n.): 1. Homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, or for a home which may have never been. 2. An intense form of longing or nostalgia, wistfulness. 3. The grief for the lost places of your past. COVER NOT BY ME!!! 🤍Highest Rankings and When I Reached Them: • #1 in #ink on {1/19/20} • #4 in #error...

  • Hate is a Negative Emotion (Hate x Nightmare Sans)
    12.3K 196 10

    Hate and Nightmare likes each other but don't want to admit that they love each other...

  • Undertale Lemons
    107K 701 30

    What the title says I'd consider myself a good writer, when I'm in the mood. Update: REQUESTS ARE BACK UP AND RUNNING

  • His lover ( yandere error x ink)
    26.6K 535 18

    Error really likes ink and he is willing to do anything to have him all to himself even if it means murder. What rivals dose he have to face.

  • Error x ink rp
    114 4 1


  • Broken Pieces (ErrorInk)
    59.4K 1.8K 14

    Ink's motivation is draining from him, his thoughts tainted with negativity. He try's to hide the truth from his friends with positivity but that's slowly failing. Dream and Blue are worried for there friend dearly, and don't know what's wrong with him. So when Error comes to them with some important information th...

  • Dream x cross || Naj ||14+
    5.6K 95 4

    Cross is your classic school nerd , dream is your classic jock , you might say its impossible for them to fall in love , but who knows ? 14+ || I do not own art , charters , or the naj AU ||

  • Blackout {Dustberry}
    992 34 6

    My first dustberry sooooo pls don't hate it bbbyyyyee...

  • A Yandere Ink And ErrorBerry Fanfic
    21.8K 360 22

    Ink has Gone Crazy for Error. How far do you think Ink will take it? When will it end? When will they get their Happily Ever After? Read to find out. Oof. This book is old. I started this back in 2018. I've been working on this book for almost 2 years now. I'm planning on finishing it sometime this year. Chapters 1-17...

  • Just This Once? ( Template x Pale )
    5.1K 194 1

    Template is furious! Another AU is gone and he knows why... But when he goes to confront Pale, all doesn't go as planned. Warning!! Holds slightly suggestive content! PS. I got the story cover, and characters from unu-nuni-art on Tumblr!! Checl her out! Her art is amazing!!!

  • Love can break or heal(a dreamswap dream x nightmare story)
    31K 402 28

    Hey guys so I hope y'all will enjoy this now if this gets depressing I'm so sry I don't mean to but I may add lots of ships also idk it may just be dream x nightmare but ships like Nightmare x dream (of course dreamswap form and idk who would be on top so idk who would get pregnant XD) Nightmare x cross(again dreamsw...